Employment for FDN Health Coaches

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Did you know that health occupations are growing faster than the average growth for all other occupations? According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics there were over 99,000 health educators and community health workers, including health coaches, employed nationwide in 2012. With the field of health coaching growing so rapidly, there are more jobs available than ever before.

Four Habits for Successful Health Coaches

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A career in health coaching offers a great opportunity to assist people in achieving optimal health and happiness. Along with the rewarding experience of helping others; health coaching is much like any other entrepreneurial business. Creating a profitable health coaching career requires an abundance of time, energy, money, and passion.
Here are four habits that successful health coaches swear by!

How to Become a Health Coach

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You have learned about health coaching and have decided that you are interested in pursuing a career in health coaching. How do you become a health coach? We’ll show you how!

Employment and Salary for Health Coaches

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How much can a health coach expect to make? As the demand for new health coaches grow, here is what coaches can make and where they can find opportunities for employment with their coaching skills.