Practitioner Spotlight: Sonya Catterfeld, BSc, FDN-P, MT Advisor


Practitioner Spotlight Sonya Catterfeld BSc FDN P MT Advisor

Sonya had been very ill for three years and worked with multiple doctors before she realized that conventional medicine just didn’t have anything for her. She wanted to find the root cause for her illness and truly overcome her diseases. Sonya eventually found a doctor who required her to do Metabolic Typing  before working together. Within a week she was already seeing the difference. The improvement to her health at that time was so dramatic that she decided to become trained in Metabolic Typing and also found FDN. Sonya is now reaping the benefits of all the hard work she’s put into her health.

I no longer have Raynaud’s disease, life threatening asthma, chemical sensitivities, food allergies, off all thyroid meds for 10 years,  I have restored sensation to my body (literally had at least half of my body that had no feeling and the other 23% was either burning or tingling), leaky gut healed, no more Lyme disease, MS or any other disease they were looking for, no more sinus infections, chronic diarrhea, intestinal infections, have maintained a healthy weight for 10 years (was severely underweight due to the illness), back issues and migraines resolved…the list is amazing to me.  All this because I dared to want to find the root cause and restore function in my body, rather that treat symptoms.

Sonya notes that the biggest challenge for most of her clients is giving up sugar, dairy and grains. She finds that they need her to be there for them and hold them accountable for making changes necessary for their health. The second biggest challenge for Sonya’s clients is working on their health “in the midst of life.” People are quick to make excuses for why they can’t do it right now. But we all know that life never really slows down and just gives us the time and space we need to get well. We need to make it happen. Sonya is careful to coach clients in a way that keeps them focused on the goal of achieving health despite their busy lives.

Sonya recommends offering packages to clients rather than individual appointments. She notes that the price tag mush be large enough for the client to really have skin in the game, be compliant, get results, and spread work of mouth referrals. She also recommends, just as Reed teaches, that not all clients are good clients. It’s important to let a client know at the start if they are not committed enough, and therefore not a good match.

If they aren’t hungry enough to be well, they they don’t do the work. That’s why I attract the clients I do. They are sick and they do the work. 

Sonya also points out that FDN practitioners shouldn’t wait until they feel confident they know everything before starting their practice.

Start where you are at. You still know more than the clients that are coming for your help. Jump in and the rest will come as you go.

Sonya offers 3 levels for her program:

1. Laying the foundation: DRESS basics and Metabolic Typing
2. Taking it deeper: DRESS, MT and basic lab testing
3. Serious stuff: a year-long commitment that allows the client to really dig deep with full testing and exploration of emotional blockages

Some of the questions that Sonya answers are:

  • What brought you to FDN?
  • What was your health journey?
  • What are things you look at from an emotional standpoint when working with a client?
  • What type of client do you work with the most (age, specific conditions)?
  • How do you address issues with Lyme disease with patients?
  • Can a client cure even chronic Lyme and can they heal it without drugs?

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