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Practitioner Success: Sarah Paino Lic Ac, FDN-P


Practitioner Spotlight Sarah Paino Lic Ac FDN P 1

At FDN we always want to fully support and recognize practitioners who have not only successfully completed the course, but who are also finding success using FDN principles with their own clients. Today in the practitioner spotlight is Sarah Paino, who graduated from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition in 2013.

Sarah has been practicing different forms of complementary wellness care for more than three and a half decades. She started as a nutritional consultant and taught cooking classes at the Kushi Institute in Boston where her focus was on Macrobiotics. She is licensed in acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She went on to study energy healing in a four year program at the Barbara Brennan School of Hands on Healing and is a certified Reiki practitioner.

She came to the FDN program because although she had been involved in the natural health movement for decades, like so many other natural practitioners, Sarah’s own health was not optimal and she was experiencing some nagging chronic health complaints.  While studying in the program, she worked with an FDN Mentor, had multiple functional lab tests done and was guided through the D.R.E.S.S protocol, which helped her to reclaim her own energy and feel better.

Now, using what she learned at FDN, along with her acupuncture training, she is now helping her clients to restore their own health. She shares how her FDN training has transformed her practice and is allowing her to help her clients on a completely different level.

Some of the questions Sarah answers on the call:

  • What segment of the population do you tend to see the most in your practice?
  • What do you find the most challenging when working with a client as an FDN Practitioner?
  • How do you structure your services as an FDN Practitioner?
  • What is it that you enjoy most about practicing as an FDN?
  • What were some of the things you took away from going through the FDN training course?

You can learn more about the services Sarah offers at her website:

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