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Practitioner Spotlight – Michael Roesslein


Practitioner Spotlight Michael Roesslein

Michael Roesslein, FDN-P, MS Exercise Science & Health Promotion, CHEK Practitioner

Like many of us, Michael Roesslein found FDN when he was listening to a Sean Croxton podcast featuring FDN Founder Reed Davis as the guest. It was at that moment that Michael realized his MS program and personal training education lacked a lot of important information. At that time, Michael was already a CHEK practitioner, but was finding himself with a client base of increasingly complex cases as his practice grew. He signed up for the FDN course so he could use functional testing to help discover the root causes of his clients’ health concerns, and never looked back.

Like most FDNs, Michael has firsthand knowledge of symptoms and diseases that result from poor diet and lifestyle choices. Michael has suffered from symptoms such as liver disease, acne, eczema, insomnia, and depression. Since that time, Michael changed his diet, learned how to manage stress, practices mindfulness and meditation, maintains an exercise routine, found supplements that support his health goals, and found ways to support his emotional health and mindset.

The challenges of making changes

When Michael started his DRESS program, the most challenging aspect for him was the “loss of a social life.” He had been a bartender and the bar scene was a big part of his life in those days. Michael no longer works with clients one-on-one, but when he did, he found that mindset and emotional issues posed the biggest challenges for his clients.

I overcame this by deciding that wasn’t the life I wanted anymore and that my true friends would stick with me. Yes – I have far fewer “friends” at this point, but my life is 100x better, I feel better, and the friends I do have are much better friends than the people who I lost contact with ever were. I also learned that happiness is inside, not from external sources or approval – and have been working on that as a focus/growth point.

When we asked Michael how FDN has helped his clients, he said…

The knowledge I’ve gained via the FDN course, and by learning from other FDNs in the support group has been very instrumental in allowing me to help people get to the bottom of their complex health issues over the past several years. Now that we focus exclusively on larger-scale educational and instructional programs/materials, that knowledge is the base of what we’re teaching to a rather sizable audience, impacting thousands of lives.

Wow, way to go Michael!

Michael wanted to share some business tips for his FDN colleagues.

1. Focus on personal development, learning business/marketing, and networking as much as possible. These are essential in this business.
2. Figure out exactly who you want to work with, and what you want to be doing (in person, online, certain populations, etc.).
3. Work backward from there.

Michael also added that he has offered many workshops. The key to a successful workshop is to offer as much useful, free information as possible. The more you offer tangible information for free, the more likely people are to inquire about working with you

Michael recommends 3-month and 6-month packages for clients with the option to purchase additional months after the initial package.

Today Michael reaps the benefits of FDN, both in his own health and in the positive impact he has on the lives of so many others. Michael is in the fortunate position of frequently receiving messages from his Tribe about how their health and life has improved with the information he offers.

Check out Michael’s website Rebel Health Tribe

Questions that Michael answers in this interview:

  • How did you find FDN in the first place?
  • What were some of your own health challenges that you faced when you started FDN?
  • What were some of the hardest, most difficult lifestyle changes for you?
  • Did your health improvements come gradually or were there peaks and valleys?
  • What did you take away from the FDN course?
  • What was the segment of the population you worked with when you worked with clients one on one?
  • What is the Rebel Health Tribe?


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