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Practitioner Spotlight- Lisa Pomeroy ND, FDN-P, CGP, CMS, RA, AFDNP Member


Practitioner Spotlight Lisa Pomeroy

Lisa Pomeroy has a story that starts like many of us. As young child, at the age of twelve, she started experiencing digestive issues and ulcer like pain. Little did Lisa know, she had multiple infections including H. pylori, half a dozen parasites and worms in her gut!   By age nineteen, Lisa was so terribly riddled with pain and fatigue that she was practically bedridden.

After seeking help from a number of practitioners and not seeing any improvements, I realized that I had to uncover the answers myself!

This led Lisa to become a naturopath, which led her to eventually find FDN also. She was immediately interested in the FDN training course. Not only was she able to uncover and eliminate her own infections, but DRESS helped her add amazing tools to her toolbox!  Lisa’s biggest take away:

…which functional lab tests were the best ones to use (since I knew that not all labs have the same quality tests), how to interpret those tests, how to create protocols that addressed diet and lifestyle issues and used supplements to promote healing, and how to structure my business as I shifted my nutrition consulting business to functional nutrition consulting, which included foundational lab testing.

After completing the FDN program, Lisa transitioned her business to functional nutrition consulting. Today, Lisa continues to run functional lab testing on every client, which has given her clients hope and improved their overall health.  Way to go Lisa!

Lisa shared that her most common challenge is client compliance. She added…

To regain your health, you must be willing to change your diet – and remove inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and alcohol.

When we asked Lisa if she had any tips for other FDN Practitioners, she was eager to share.

Lisa advises to…

  1. Find what works for you as a practitioner and the client population you attract.
  2. Don’t be afraid to turn down clients that are not a good fit for your services.

As the FDN Lead Clinical Advisor, Lisa said she loves speaking with our FDN practitioners and encourages all FDNs “to keep up the good work”!

Lisa was kind enough to share a sneak peak of her client process. First, the evaluation process starts with the client filling out a Health History Form. From there Lisa will determine if she is a good fit to help them. Lisa then sets up an initial sixty minute consultation with the client to review their health history, explain the functional testing she recommends, answer questions and cover next steps. Once all test results are received, she contacts the client to let them know they can now schedule their 90-minute Results & Recommendations Consultation appointment. Lisa then follows with short 20-30 minute follow-up consultations as needed to assess progress and discuss the next steps.

Some of the questions and topics covered on this call, include:

  • How did you get into FDN?
  • Do you recommend retesting for parasites after you’ve tested positive?
  • Did you find the changes you had to make to improve your health easy, or did you struggle with them?
  • Is there a certain type of client that you work with? Specific health conditions you see more often?
  • What is the biggest challenge that your clients face?
  • Do you ever have to turn people away that want to work with you?
  • What traits do you see in a person who would be a good client?
  • How did you get into curriculum development, training and research?
  • Tell us about your experience doing consults for the medical director program.
  • What kinds of things do you see on the AFDNP forum?
  • Can you talk about the advance modules that are a part of the FDN training.
  • Any last minute advice for those people who have gone through the FDN program and are now working with clients?

Check out Lisa Pomeroy’s website:

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