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How to Assess GI Pathogens with Reed


Every single person should have a mixture of bacteria and fungi in their digestive tracts, which will make up the microbiome as we currently know it. This microbiome is very supportive for our health, and the more research we do, the more we learn how important of a role it plays in our body.

However, not all bacteria, fungi, and even viruses are good for us, which we all personally have experienced when we become sick.

Sometimes these pathogens cause issues that are harder to detect, such as distress in our GI tract. It is these GI pathogens that can cause chronic digestive issues that can be resolved if you are looking for the right things.

What To Expect From This Episode

  • What makes a person a great host for pathogens to thrive
  • Different tests and assessments for the GI tract
  • What to do to improve your health and reduce likelihood of getting a GI pathogen
  • How protocols for different situations can look and what health factors are most important

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