How Environmental Toxins Damage Your Health


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Last year, Reed had an opportunity to sit down with Lara Adler to talk about environmental toxins and how they impact the endocrine system and ultimately damage health.

Lara Adler is an environmental toxins expert and educator. She is also a certified holistic health coach.  She trains and educated practitioners within the health and wellness community to better understand that link between toxins in the environment around us and their impact on disease states.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are a concern because they have damaging impact on the body. The reproductive system is particularly sensitive to impacts from the exposure to these chemicals. Health effects to the reproductive system include lowered sperm count in men, early onset of menstruation in girls, endometriosis, early onset of menopause and infertility.

But these toxic chemicals can also impact neurological function, particularly in developing fetuses as well as young, developing children. Some of the neurological complications include cerebral palsy, mental retardation, learning disabilities, ADHD, seizures, impaired motor function, memory problems, balance and coordination.

It is important to become aware of the chemicals that we are exposed to regularly and do what we can to avoid them so that

Topics covered in this interview include:

How do environmental toxins fit in with the health issues that the clients we work with are dealing with?

What are endocrine disrupting chemicals?

How do these chemicals impact health?

Why it only take exposure to small amounts of these chemicals to harm our bodies.

The connection between endocrine disruptors and metabolic disorders.

How are you exposed to environmental toxins?

How can you avoid being exposed to these types of toxins?

What are some of the chemicals that contain these toxic chemicals?

What are the most common products that these chemicals are found in?

Does Lara run labs on her clients?

Are there specific protocols to help detox the body of these chemicals on a cellular level?

You can learn more about Lara Adler and discover more information about her practice at her

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