Five Ways To Make More Money As A Health Coach


Are you brainstorming different ways to increase your monthly income as a Health Coach?

Luckily, as a Health Coach you have so many options!

Here are five ways you can increase your health coaching income.

1. Offer Group Coaching
These can be online or in-person.

2. Offer Post Coaching Monthly Support
Most clients still need a bit of guidance after their coaching program ends.

3. Start Corporate Coaching
You can help businesses keep their employees healthy, focused, productive and energized.

4. Work Contracted Hours For A Wellness Business
Many wellness businesses, including gyms and spas are looking to hire Health Coaches as part of their team.

5. Host Online Workshops
Online webinars/workshops can reach a much wider audience.

Of course Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners have superior training and skills making them the most successful health coaches in the world.

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