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Episode 66 – Evan Transue – Can food cause depression?


This is a fascinating story.

Did you realize that food could be the root of someone’s depression?

Evan Transue has this experience. Growing up he didn’t have much consideration for his food choices. But eventually, once he started supplementing with better vitamins, he noticed his mental health improved. This led him on his journey to find out as much as he could about how food can help someone physically and mentally.

Evan is now a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition system, but he likes to call himself a Nutrition detective. He can help show people now only the foods they may have sensitivities that are affecting their health, but also how to apply the real practice of improving their life away from major stressors.

We have a great conversation, about how he evolved his lifestyle, but also the practical lessons for you as a listener, to appreciate what to look for.

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