Why Efforts to Get Healthy Often Fall Short


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You wake up one day and realize that you aren’t feeling the greatest, and realize that you’ve been dealing with some nagging health complaints for a while. None of them are major, but you still know that you should be feeling better.  You are tired all of the time, your brain is foggy and you are often gassy and bloated. So, you go on a diet and begin to exercise regularly. But after months of doing this, you wake up to the realization that despite your efforts, you don’t really feel any better. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. But why do efforts to get healthy fall short? Because along with making over your diet and exercise, you need a metabolic makeover.

When you begin to experience symptoms, it is your body’s way of signaling that there is dysfunction occurring. But what we can’t know is exactly where that dysfunction is occurring in the body. For instance, you may be struggling with fatigue and brain fog. This could be a result of HPA Axis dysfunction. But it could also be caused by a food intolerance or even a congested liver. Symptoms can come from dysfunctions in different areas of the body. But without understanding where they are coming from, you will be left guessing as how to correct the issue.

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You decide to start eating “healthier” to see if that will help. But, if you have unrecognized food intolerances or compromised digestive issues, the “healthy” foods you are eating may not be so healthy for you….and they may be making you even sicker!

You begin to exercise daily, but notice that you feel more tired after exercising. If you have a hormonal imbalance or HPA Axis dysfunction, intense exercise could be making the issue worse, not better!

You read about the latest, greatest supplement that “everyone needs to try” and because others have had success overcoming similar symptoms when using it, you decide to try it, hoping that it will help. But it doesn’t.

This can lead to months and years of trying different things, hoping that eventually something will make you feel better! Some things may help a little, but don’t provide complete relief from all symptoms.

How do you stop the never-ending cycle of trial and error and finally find the lifestyle changes that you need to make to help you finally overcome those symptoms and feel better again?

The first thing you can do is to stop guessing and give yourself definitive answers to what systems in the body are experiencing dysfunction. You can do this through functional lab testing.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition has a new program that can help you do just that! Our Metabolic Makeover Labs program uses three of the most popular lab tests that are run by FDN practitioners with their clients. Choose which lab program you want to have run and get solutions based on what your body needs!

Check out FDN’s Metabolic Makeover Labs!

Do you deal with gas, bloating, frequent flatulence and belching, acid reflux or diarrhea? If so, you may be dealing with food sensitivities. The Food Sensitivities program will give you a comprehensive list of those foods that are causing inflammation in your body, and that your body is sensitive to. This will allow you to remove those foods from your diet to remove inflammation.

Do you deal with a lot of stress and fatigue? The Stress and Hormone program gives you an overall look at the state of your health. The solutions provided will help you to increase your energy and banish fatigue. It can help you re-balance your hormones and feel a sense of vitality that has been missing.

Do you have autoimmune issues or have trouble with indigestion after eating a meal with a lot of protein? The Gut, Liver & Detox program takes a look at how well your gut is digesting food, if you are struggling with oxidative stress and how well your liver is functioning to detoxify your body. Is your body thriving, or is there dysfunction occurring in these areas?

Of course, if you can’t choose just one of these programs, we do offer a comprehensive package that includes all three! These three labs together can help you to complete a full metabolic makeover.

The choice is yours. You can continue the pattern of trial and error, hoping to get results. Or you can use the results from these signature labs to finally help you to understand where your health problems are occurring in your body. Having that information, along with proven solutions is the key to helping you restore your health and vitality.

Are you ready to take the next step and get the lab testing you need? Then visit Functional Diagnostic Nutrition’s Metabolic Makeover Labs and take the first step towards feeling like a whole, new you!

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