The Importance of Chewing for Your Digestion

The Importance of Chewing for Your Digestion

How well do you chew your food when you eat?  Most people don’t think about this question, and yet how well you chew your food plays a fundamental role on the effects of your daily and long-term health.  It is one simple thing that you can do to improve your digestion.  Most people are unaware […]

Is Your Gluten Free Diet Harming Your Health?

Is Your Gluten Free Diet Harming Your Health

What is Gluten Intolerance? In general, gluten intolerance is a condition in which the gliadin component of the gluten found in most grains is not digested well and causes any number of a wide variety of symptoms. Gluten intolerance can promote a number of digestive symptoms without causing much harm, but in more serious cases […]

Why Digestive Enzymes Are Critical To Your Health

Why Digestive Enzymes are Critical to Your Health FDN

Good health is dependent on properly digesting and absorbing the food we eat, and in turn, this ability is dependent on the availability of digestive enzymes. Although you’ve probably heard of digestive enzymes, chances are that your diet is deficient in them and that your potential for optimal health is being compromised as a result. […]