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A Guide to Becoming a Health Coach


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2018 is the year to get healthy! With over 45 percent of Americans resolving to lose weight or get in shape, 40 percent who want more energy and 25 percent wishing for more intimacy in their relationships; there is no better time to pursue a career as a health coach!

To help people make the diet and lifestyle changes they must make to achieve better health, there are four top things you need to know or have.

1. Passion for Healthy Living: The first step to becoming a health coach is to be certain living a healthy life is your greatest passion.

2. Pursue a Health-Related Certification/Degree: Providing guidance and management in the major principles of health building, including diet, rest, physical activity, stress reduction and wellness, you must be well trained in performing this job effectively.

3. Nurture the Skills You Need to Excel on the Job: As a health coach, you need to stay on top of industry developments and update your health coaching training, skills and materials accordingly.

4. Find Employment: As a newly qualified health coach, you can find employment in any of the following settings:
Doctor’s offices
Health and wellness centers
Nursing homes & community centers
Aerobics and fitness studios
Corporate offices

Of course there is no equivalent to the superior training and skills of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners, making them the most desired and successful health coaches in the world of health and wellness.

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