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588: Don’t Be a Victim of Your Chronic Conditions with Evan Transue


Are you interested in learning more about your health issues? Have you been worried about your chronic conditions? In this episode I talk with Evan Transue, AKA Detective Ev. Evan is the host of The Health Detective Podcast and owner of Bucks County Light Therapy and Functional Medicine Center. He graduated from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) in 2017. Prior to finding FDN he, and his mom, had suffered with a variety of health challenges for over a decade. The FDN system transformed his and his mom’s lives so profoundly that all of his work is now centered around spreading its teachings. Evan speaks professionally to middle and high school students about mental health challenges and to date has spoken to 50,000 students. We discuss his journey with mental health struggles, sickness, drug use and so much more. He describes his struggles and his journey into functional wellness to heal himself.

Topics Discussed:

Chronic conditions.
Natural foods.
Immune issues.
Gut health.
Mental health.
Depression and Anxiety.
Finding out what’s wrong.
Overcoming challenges.
Drug abuse.

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