5 Effective Communication Tips for Health Coaches


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There are many essential facets to being a great health coach; however, effective communication with your clients may be ‘above all’ the most important.

Be Transparent: Being honest with your clients will help build trust; an essential aspect of all client-health coach relationships.

Choose the Right Form of Communication: Whether through email, video, blog posts, text messages, social media, Skype or phone calls, do your research and use the best communication strategy for your client base.

Make Contact Early and Often: After signing up a new health coaching client, it is essential that you communicate with them immediately afterwards; reassuring their great investment in your services as well as showing your eagerness to assist them on their health journey.

Make Yourself Relatable: Sharing your real life health experiences and challenges will make you more relatable and will help to build trust and rapport with future health coaching clients.

Be a Good Listener: As a health coach, active listening is a crucial part of communication. This involves engaging and responding to your clients based on what they are sharing with you.

Of course with training as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, you will have the skills and tools that separate you from other practitioners. This is why FDN health coaches never run out of potential clients, making them the most successful in the world of health and wellness.

And that’s it for this week’s Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Vlog of the Week. Isn’t it time you help your clients on a deeper level?

Isn’t it time you help your clients on a deeper level?

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