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4 Steps to Building a Profitable Online Health Coaching Business


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The health and wellness industry is worth over $400 billion and growing. As a health coach, you are one of a million professionals vying for a slice of that expanding, multi-billion dollar pie.

Many health coaches are adding online coaching to their practice, expanding the possibilities and opportunities to increase your reach and earning potential. Online coaching can streamline your business and leverage your time too.

Here are 4 steps to building your profitable online health coaching business

1. Find your “specialty.”

By knowing and owning your specialty, you will stand out from the crowd, attract clients, and achieve standing as an expert in that area.

2. Create a strong presence.

Make people aware of you by:
Starting a blog and blog page
Posting on social media
Building an email list
Creating videos/vlogs

3. Start generating leads.
Once people know you exist, you can engage them through:
Providing good content
Joining LinkedIn Groups
Joining and create your own Facebook Groups
Using Instagram
Making YouTube videos like this one

4. Monetize your activities.
Make irresistible offers and track your success by asking:
Is this giving great value?
Is this generating quality leads?
Is this moving my business forward?

Of course Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners have superior training and skills making them the most successful health coaches in the world.

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