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10 Reasons Your Health Coaching Business Needs a Website


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Today it seems like pretty much everyone has a website. As a health coach, you want to reach more people so that you can help them rebuild their health. You may consider expanding your efforts online to increase the exposure of your business – but you are still undecided about the value of using a website to help market your brand.

Here are the top 10 reasons why your health coaching business needs a website.

People expect you to have one

How often do you look up a business online that you are considering purchasing from or doing business with? The Ecommerce Foundation released their United States Ecommerce Country Report that shows 88% of people research the goods and services that they are considering purchasing before spending their hard-earned money. Also, the public will expect you to have a website. Public opinion of companies that do not have a website is lower and it may prevent people from wanting to work with you.

It builds consumer confidence in your brand

As a health coach, you ARE your brand. Helping people to know more about your business and what you can do to help them builds consumer confidence. Those who choose to not have a website will have a lower level of consumer confidence. Being without a website prevents you from sharing the type of information with potential clients that can help them to be confident that you and what you offer can help them. If people don’t have confidence in you, they won’t risk spending their money buying your services. For coaching services and programs that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, having the confidence of potential clients is a must!

It helps show people who you are

A website is your online business card and a whole lot more! It gives you an opportunity to share who you are with potential clients. As you share your mission, why you are passionate about what you do and other insights into your personality, you begin building rapport with potential clients before you ever speak with them. People purchase for emotional reasons before logical reasons. So, when they get to know who you are through your website and begin to connect with you on an emotional level, they will be more likely to do business with you. They need to feel that they can trust that you can help solve their problem. Getting to see who you are can help with that.

You can reach people 24/7

You certainly can’t be awake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week working on marketing for your business. But your website can! While you cannot answer questions that potential clients may have, often your website will provide some of the information they need until you can respond to any email questions or phone calls during business hours.

The competition has one

Let’s face it, all the health coaches who are marketing themselves well and who have created a name for themselves have websites. They understand the need for a website for marketing and have taken the time to put one in place. They will be the ones that most of the 88% of the online researching public will go to. This goes back to building consumer confidence. A potential client will be much more confident that you can help them if they feel that they know you, like what you offer, and see that you’ve had success with other clients.

It gives people a taste of what you do as a coach

Potential clients want to know what types of programs you offer and how you work (example: one-on-one or in groups). Every single coach is different and offers different things. Therefore, potential clients are looking for coaches that offer what they need. Being able to access that information on your website allows potential clients who need the services you offer to find you and learn more about what you offer and how you coach.

You can share your products and services

Many health coaches offer far more than just coaching. Many also sell eBooks, meal plans, supplements, online courses and more. Having a website handy can allow you to sell any products that you have along with the services you provide.

You can set yourself up as an “expert”

The information you share can help potential clients to understand what you know. Those coaches who have blogs on their sites can share even more valuable knowledge. This in turn helps them to be seen as an expert in the field by potential clients. Sharing information that is relevant to how you help your clients helps to boost a potential client’s confidence in your ability to help them…and that translates to more business, and helping more people.

It increases your value

As a coach, you want potential clients to see the value in working with you. Having a good website can do that by helping increase connection and relatability. Your website is what will help people to connect with your brand and your message on an emotional level, and that’s important when it comes to gaining more business!

It allows a greater reach

Without an online presence, you must rely on local word-of-mouth and other means of local advertising to get your name out to those who may need your services. With a website, you expand the amount of people that you can reach. An increased reach gives you an opportunity to work with a greater number of people. That allows you not only to help more people to rediscover wellness, but it brings you more money as well.

Having a website is a worthwhile investment. The benefits it brings can help your business grow. It should be considered a vital part of your marketing presence.

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