DRESS for Health Success Protocol With Reed Davis, Founder, FDN


  • Over 20 years ago, Reed recognised clients were caught in a “cycle of trial and error” and he committed himself to being the last person they needed to see. How was FDN born? What is this cycle of trial and error?
  • What is metabolic chaos?
  • What is the DRESS for Health Success Protocol?
  • Why is R (Rest) so fundamental to our hormones and overall health?
  • Can very specific metabolic chaos be root causes for insomnia?
  • If you were able to pick up these roots in lab markers, what would be some of the ones that we would need to look at?
  • What would Reed’s guidance be for someone struggling to wind down and rest in terms of dietary protocols?
  • Beyond dietary interventions what would his other recommendations to improve rest be?

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