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Practitioner Spotlight: Kathleen DiChiara, FDN-P, INHC, BNI-P

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Author, Health Advocate & AFDNP Member Kathleen DiChiara was enjoying a successful career in investor relations with a Fortune 500 company when her journey began. It was at that time she developed a sudden-onset neuropathy. That eventually led into having back surgery which left her permanently disabled for life.  From there, she found herself in […]

Practitioner Spotlight – Lynn Altieri-Need

Practitioner Spotlight Lynn Altieri Need FDN P

This month’s practitioner spotlight is with Lynn Altieri-Need, FDN-P. Lynn’s personal journey is one born from a mother’s unrelenting will to help her child. Like many of us, Lynn’s experienced her own health struggles early suffering with endometriosis, from age twelve until twenty-six, and found that the only solutions offered by conventional doctors were pain […]

Practitioner Spotlight- Angie White FDN-P, AFDNP Member

Practitioner Spotlight Angie White FDN P AFDNP member

Today’s practitioner spotlight features Angie White, an FDN practitioner and a member of AFDNP. Angie’s personal journey with health started early in life, as a teenager. Angie struggled with weight issues, which eventually led into emotional and disordered eating, sugar addiction and ultimately took a toll on her health. From her early teens she struggled […]

Practitioner Spotlight – Damian and Heather Dubé

Practitioner Spotlight Damian and Heather Dubé

Our practitioner spotlight today features Damian and Heather Dube. While in their early ’30s, Damian’s wife Heather was suffering from a number of symptoms that progressed into Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Hashimoto’s, and Systemic Candida. Over 2 years and 10 doctors later, Heather was in the worst health of her life. She eventually had to quit her […]

Practitioner Spotlight- Rika Keck

Practitioner Spotlight Rika Keck

Rika Keck, FDN-P, CMTA, CHEK Practitioner When we asked Rika what she enjoys most about practicing FDN, she said… It makes sense. And it’s exciting to get clients excited about a new paradigm of wellness. Indeed! Rika’s credentials span far and wide. Her wellness experience includes FDN, CMTA, Applied Clinical Nutrition, CHEK level 2 and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, and Green Medicine Herbal […]

Practitioner Spotlight: Aubrey Thompson

Practitioner Spotlight Aubrey Thompson

Our practitioner spotlight today is on Aubrey Thompson, FDN-P, MS Holistic Nutrition, CMTA. She has experienced her own healing journey and was the very first graduate of the FDN program. Now she is using what she learned to help others on their own healing journey. In my early 20’s I had type II diabetes from a […]