Practitioner Spotlight: Aubrey Thompson


Practitioner Spotlight Aubrey Thompson

Our practitioner spotlight today is on Aubrey Thompson, FDN-P, MS Holistic Nutrition, CMTA. She has experienced her own healing journey and was the very first graduate of the FDN program. Now she is using what she learned to help others on their own healing journey.

In my early 20’s I had type II diabetes from a horrible diet of fast food and processed junk…The doctor’s solution was to prescribe me Prozac….”

Because Aubrey didn’t fit the typical mold for Type II diabetes, her doctor didn’t know how to offer her any solutions. She was always sick and nearly bed-ridden and knew that Prozac wasn’t the answer. Rightfully so, Aubrey was frustrated. So Aubrey decided to go back to school to study herbalism and holistic nutrition. After a dramatic change in diet, Aubrey was able to balance her blood sugar and reverse her diabetes diagnosis. But she still had lingering issues with GI distress and chronic fatigue.

Meeting Reed

Then she met Reed Davis! She became Reed’s client and also became FDN certified at the time when Reed was just starting to develop the FDN Certification course. She explains that Reed “is such a wealth of information.”

While working with Reed, Aubrey sought clues to the root causes of the symptoms that diet alone couldn’t resolve. It was then that she discovered a GI infection and weak adrenal glands. Aubrey never would have resolved her health concerns if she hadn’t found those clues.

This information was invaluable to me because I now had tangible information that I could address with a systematic approach to regain my health.

Today Aubrey uses her FDN skills to help her clients find and address the root causes for their health challenges. Aubrey works with clients with various symptom, including diabetes, chronic fatigue, elevated cholesterol & blood pressure, abdominal discomfort, depression and anxiety. She finds that FDN is an important tool in helping her clients achieve good health and she is grateful to Reed for developing a way for FDN practitioners to access superior lab tests.

When we asked Aubrey about her business practices, she noted that she sells packages of 6 sessions. The idea is to meet every other week, which completes the program over 3 months. She currently gets clients completely by word of mouth without any targeted marketing, but plans to start offering group training sessions soon.

Check out Aubrey’s website

  • You were the very first FDN student! What were you doing before you met Reed and how did he start to influence you with the FDN way?
  • How was the FDN course for you?
  • What health challenges did you have before going through FDN?
  • Were there points along your healing journey that were challenging?
  • Did you have any problems implementing your own healing protocol?
  • What does your practice look like right now?
  • Are there certain complaints that people come to you with more than others?
  • What is the age range of people you work with?
  • Explain your intake process and do you ever have to turn someone away?
  • What is the most difficult part for people to change?
  • What advice do you wish you had gotten before you started your healing journey?
  • Was it challenging starting your business?
  • What do your followup sessions look like?
  • What kind of marketing do you do? Is it mostly word of mouth?
  • What projects do you have coming up?
  • When you’ve done seminar, what have been the most popular subjects you covered?
  • How long has it been since you graduated from FDN?

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