Healthy Eating Tips for Summer Parties

How do you face temptation at summer parties and holiday gatherings and still eat healthily? Here are some simple healthy eating tips to help you stay on track this summer! Summer is almost here. And after a long period of mask-wearing and social distancing, many in the U.S. are now free to begin gathering safely […]

Top 9 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Americans love to eat sugar…and we eat a LOT of it! We eat more sugar daily than any other country in the world. In 2011 the average American was eating 150 pounds of sugar a year. And that number is rising. The products that are consumed most often to account for this large amount of refined sugar […]

Instant Pot Southwestern Chicken Soup

When you’re on the journey to reclaim your health, one important part of a healthier lifestyle is eating nutrient rich foods that can help to support your body’s natural healing ability. In the US, the Standard American diet is woefully short on nutrient rich foods. And it is high in sugar, sodium and chemical additives…all which may […]

What is Hiding In Our Food?

Food fuels our bodies and our minds. We could not survive without it. But food has become much more than just a source of nutrition. When used correctly, food can be a powerful medicine. Unfortunately, many of the foods commonly eaten in the U.S. can also be toxic to the body. The importance of what […]

10 Things You Can Do to Improve Sleep

Do you struggle to get enough sleep? We often underestimate the importance of sleep for our health. But sleep deprivation’s impact on your health is one of the reasons why quality sleep is a part of the protocols our FDNThrive coaches create. You simply will not be able to restore optimal wellness if you aren’t […]

Are You Chasing Symptoms with Supplements?

There are more people working with health coaches because they want to reclaim their health. Often, they have been to countless doctors seeking answers to why they are experiencing symptoms, but not getting answers or solutions. It forces many to try healing themselves with a host of different supplements. When these people finally meet with […]