Are You Chasing Symptoms with Supplements?


There are more people working with health coaches because they want to reclaim their health. Often, they have been to countless doctors seeking answers to why they are experiencing symptoms, but not getting answers or solutions. It forces many to try healing themselves with a host of different supplements.

When these people finally meet with one of our FDNThrive health coaches, often the subject of supplements comes up.  It is not unusual for clients to have a long list of different supplements that they take daily.  And many are quick to want to discuss the latest and greatest vitamin, mineral, or superfood supplement because they are interested in how these products can help them to heal and feel better more quickly.

And while it seems natural to want to run down and purchase supplements as a way to reclaim health, there are drawbacks to doing this without the proper guidance.

Why you should reconsider supplementing on your own:

Not Getting to the Root of the Issue

Choosing supplements in an attempt to correct chronic health issues is not actually helping you to get to the root of the problem. When you do this, you are instead, chasing and treating symptoms.  This is the current Western allopathic model of medicine and it just does not work well.  Which is why chronic illnesses are still such an issue in the US.

Unfortunately, many naturopathic practitioners follow the same model and are having similar results.  If you work with an FDNThrive coach, they can help you to discover what is at the root of the health issues you are dealing with. This assures that you are not just running out to buy the latest and greatest supplement in the hopes that it will make you feel better.  They can give you expert guidance on which supplement will move your health forward. They will also help you to look at other ways to correct dis-ease in your body that are not supplement related.

Throwing away money

Do you have a cupboard or drawer filled with supplements? You are not alone! The supplement industry is big business. Over 75% of all Americans use supplements. In 2019, the supplement industry was worth over $42 billion dollars. And that amount is on the rise. Many people spend over $50 a month on supplements on average. People commonly read or hear about a promising nutrient that may help with a health complaint and run to their local supplement store to pick up a bottle. When that supplement fails to do what they hoped, it gets put in the cupboard. The money ends up being thrown away on something that didn’t work to reverse the health complaint. And that person moves on to looking for the next supplement that may work.

But what happens when you stop guessing? When you are given a list of targeted supplements to buy according to what is really going on inside your body? You take away the guessing and you stop throwing away money!

Getting more natural nutrients

We were not meant to get our main source of nutrition in tablet or capsule form. Our ancestors did not supplement because they didn’t have to!  They got the nutrients they needed from the foods that they ate.  We are meant to get our vital nutrients from food. But a large percentage of the standard American diet consists of packaged and processed food that lack nutrients. This has led us to turning to supplements in an attempt to nourish our bodies.  An FDNThrive coach will help you address your current diet so that you make changes to what you are eating. As you eliminate food intolerances and eat foods that work well for your body it will help supply your body with the nutrients that it needs.

Too many synthetic supplements  

Many of the supplements on the market today are not natural at all…but are synthetic copies of natural vitamins and minerals. Our bodies are simply not meant or designed to utilize those chemical impersonators and so they are not utilized effectively.

Unknown and potentially dangerous additives

It is always important to read labels for any food you buy, but have you ever actually read the ingredient list for your supplements?  There are plenty of supplements that are full of cheap additives and chemical fillers. These additives may cause more problems with your health than they solve.  And some supplements contain additives that are downright dangerous, such as MSG and artificial sweeteners. These ingredients can cause negative consequences on your health when consumed regularly.

GMO additives  

Many low-quality supplements use soy and corn as fillers. Both crops are largely genetically modified in the US.  Some supplement companies also use genetically modified microorganisms to produce the products that they sell. This is a common practice. But unfortunately more than 15 years after the release of the first genetically modified crop, there still has not been adequate testing done to make sure that genetically modified organisms are safe to consume.

You no longer must resort to chasing symptoms with supplements in order to feel better. If you want to take real steps to improve your health, consider working with an FDNThrive health coach. Using cutting-edge functional lab testing, our coaches can help you get to the root of the imbalances and dysfunctions in your body. And they will recommend supplements that are right for your body based on your own individual health needs. They will also help you to identify and address other lifestyle and environmental factors that directly impact your health. This gives you the guidance, support, and information you need to feel healthy, happy and whole again. They stop the pattern of guessing and help you get to the business of restoring your health…the right way!

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