Top Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar


Are you regularly eating too much sugar? As another holiday season winds down and the New Year approaches, many people are thinking back over the past month and realizing just how many sugary treats they have actually consumed in that time. Although it is expected that sugar intake will increase during the month of December, […]

Is Your Gluten Free Diet Harming Your Health?

Is Your Gluten Free Diet Harming Your Health

What is Gluten Intolerance? In general, gluten intolerance is a condition in which the gliadin component of the gluten found in most grains is not digested well and causes any number of a wide variety of symptoms. Gluten intolerance can promote a number of digestive symptoms without causing much harm, but in more serious cases […]

The Dangers of Consuming Aspartame

The Dangers of Consuming Aspartame

Aspartame, more commonly known as the brand names NutraSweet or Equal, is an artificial sweetener that’s commonly found in many diet sodas and other low calorie products. Aspartame is a dangerous substance that should have never been approved, and because of the modern obsession with restricting calories, millions of people are risking their health by […]

The Surprising Stuff Hiding In Your Food

Surprising stuff hiding in your food

Food It fuels our bodies and minds, stimulates our senses, and keeps hunger at bay. Food has become so much more than a source of nutrition. Food can be a source of pleasure, but can also be a source of pain. When used correctly, food can be the most powerful medicine. Unfortunately, some foods can […]