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Pharmacists Are Becoming Health Coaches


Pharmacists Are Becoming Health Coaches https://youtu.be/CFGFLMeKHKM Pharmacists Are Becoming Health Coaches In recent years, health coaching has become a new opportunity for pharmacists. Pharmacists have always been accessible health care professionals; educating patients about their disease states, medications, side effects, and more. As a health coach, a pharmacist can help patients with medications, while using their coaching skills, such as motivational interviewing, to empower patients to an optimal state of health. Health coaching skills allow pharmacists to help bridge the gap between what physicians tell patients to do and the goal setting and action plan patients need to take to improve [...]

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What Does Online Health Coaching Look Like?


What Does Online Health Coaching Look Like? https://youtu.be/ngR4RtR6Op8 What Does Online Health Coaching Look Like? The newest generation of Health Coaches is building their careers from all around the world online. Virtual Health Coaches work with clients to improve their overall health and well-being. A regular day for an online Health Coach is made up of meetings and sessions with clients and creating action plans for clients. As a Health Coach with an online business, you will communicate with clients in a number of different ways, including email, online (via apps like Skype and Zoom), over the phone, or in person. [...]

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Health Coaching Certification: FDN Style


Health Coaching Certification: FDN Style https://youtu.be/jrf6AUDF-xU Health Coaching Certification: FDN Style Since Health Coaches assess many aspects of their client’s life in relation to specific health goals; finding the best training program that provides those assessment skills and tools are vital to their success. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) training offers the functional lab training, data-driven protocols, tools, and leadership needed to confidently solve your client’s health issues and grow your career as a health coach. FDN is a complete methodology used to help people recover and maintain the best health possible. The FDN course will provide you with cutting-edge functional lab [...]

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What Clients Expect From Their Health Coach


What Clients Expect From Their Health Coach https://youtu.be/8NBzh_29AyY What Clients Expect From Their Health Coach As a health coach, people seek you out to help them make important lifestyle changes to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. Since a coaching relationship requires a commitment and open communication between both parties, it is important to know what your clients may expect to assure a successful experience. Non-judgmental Accountability: A health coach helps clients create long and short-term goals based on the changes they want to make in their lives. As an accountability partner, health coaches also support their clients and aid them [...]

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Health Coaching Families


Health Coaching Families https://youtu.be/5z805lL4bRY Health Coaching Families With so much to do and so little time, parents are turning to health coaches for simple solutions that can help create healthy habits for the whole family. As a family health coach, you can make a dramatic difference for families by supporting them in the areas of lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition. A health coach aids families in: setting family health goals learning easy lifestyle habits that will help them have more energy and feel great, educating both parents and children on nutrition the body needs to grow, develop, and flourish providing accountability. [...]

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Part-Time Health Coaching Business


Part-Time Health Coaching Business https://youtu.be/ibSLQT6ITOY Part-Time Health Coaching Business Many new health coaches feel most comfortable starting out with a part-time coaching business. If you are new to health coaching, and are not ready to take the full-time plunge, here are some ways you can build your part-time health coaching practice. 1. Start with one client. Your first client will help clarify how much time you need to set aside in your schedule and what priorities may need to shift as you take on more clients. 2. Set clear goals. Start with attainable goals (scheduling clients and financial) that will build [...]

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