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fdn certification program

Module-By-Module: The Functional Health Expertise You Need To Get Better Results.

What you will learn…

  • Lesson 1 | Welcome to FDN

    ✔Welcome to the FDN Family!
    ✔The Public Needs Us
    ✔FDN Course Objectives
    ✔FDN Skills You’ll Gain
    ✔Keys to Success
    ✔FDN Mission Statement
    ✔FDN and Reed Davis
    ✔We Own the Bridge

  • Lesson 2 | FDN Overview

    ✔FDN Defined
    ✔You are Not Alone
    ✔Value, Community, Engagement
    ✔FDN Leadership
    ✔FDN Mentorship
    ✔FDN Advisory Board/Staff
    ✔FDN Definition

  • Lesson 3 | How to Become a Health Detective & Hormones (part 2)

    ✔We're All Health Coaches
    ✔Not a Medical Approach
    ✔Unprecedented Chronic Health Problems
    ✔Opt-in Model of Self-Care
    ✔Cycle of Trial and Error
    ✔FDN Filling the Needs Gap
    ✔Instead of Chasing Symptoms

  • Lesson 4 | How Chronic Stress Leads to Metabolic Chaos

    ✔Who is in the FDN Family?
    ✔What Binds Us Together
    ✔Stress is #1 Cause
    ✔Is All Stress Bad?
    ✔Brain/Body Diagram
    ✔Internal/External Types of Stress
    ✔The Chronic Stress Cascade
    ✔Symptoms Far Removed from Real Problem

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