How Chronic Stress May Be Making You Sick

How Chronic Stress May Be Making You Sick- a frayed rope with the world stress in red

It’s safe to say that many people wish there were more hours in the day to get things done. We are busier than ever, and many often find themselves feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Stress is everywhere and hard to avoid. And while most people understand that too much stress is bad for your health, […]

10 Ways You Can Reduce Stress Now!

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The main source of all chronic illness is stress. But most people spend little time doing things to reduce stress, unaware that not doing so is contributing to illness. With FDN, one important element in the healing protocol that we use with clients is stress management. You simply cannot get well if stress remains at […]

Making Stress Management a Priority

Making Stress Management a Priority

As Functional Health Coaches, clients come to us because they want to improve their health. Many have been struggling with nagging health issues for years, and many have been to see multiple doctors and haven’t gotten the answers or the relief that they are looking for. But what is the one causal factor of the health […]