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The Stress & Hormones Program uses one of our flagship labs to help you finally understand why symptoms are showing up, but doctors are saying everything is “normal.” Don’t believe it when they say those aches, pains, brain fog or lack of energy is a part of aging. There is some hidden imbalance, and we can help you address it!

We’ll create a customized and targeted protocol for your personal road map back health! We’ll investigate your biochemistry to find out if your body is breaking down, assess which stage of burnout you’re experiencing, discover if hormones are out of balance, and find clues to gut issues such as hidden infestations or inflammation.  Get ready to be empowered with a world-class, proven system to get healthy for life. Invest in your health so you can be the best version of yourself.  You deserve it!

Decode My Stress & Hormones for only $189!*


  • Biohack your hormones and calibrate them to the optimal levels for energy, youth and vitality!
  • Support your body’s innate ability to regenerate and rebuild
  • Learn about the six HIDDEN stressors that are keeping you from being healthy
  • Boost your energy and mood!
  • Reverse the trend of being yet another person on multiple medications
  • Learn to decipher your stress and hormone labs ranges like a PRO!
  • Gain a new appreciation for your body’s amazing ability to adapt and heal
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Decode My Stress & Hormones for only $189!*


  • A Stress & Hormones intro video: Reed walks you through the amazing world of stress, hormones, and adrenals. You’ll understand exactly how the body responds to stress, how and why the body begins to break down over time, and what your sex and stress hormones have to do with overall health, mood, mental function, vitality and longevity. This is where the magic of using lab-driven protocols to build health becomes exciting and clear!
  • Lab kit, mailed directly to your home for convenient sample collection: The Stress & Hormones kit uses saliva samples to collect data about your adrenals through your stress and sex hormones. A sample collection video will walk you through the steps to make the process simple and easy.
  • Lab Interpretation video: So you can easily decipher your test results. Learn to interpret your labs like a pro! As you wait for your lab results, you get to see exactly how brilliantly informative the simple saliva samples can be! After you learn to interpret your lab results, you’ll be anxious to get your test results back to begin biohacking!
  • One-on-one consult with a Metabolic Makeover™ Coach: This is a big day, when you get to take the knowledge you’ve learned from the intro and lab videos, and apply them to your own biochemistry. Your Metabolic Makeover™ Coach will review your lab results with you, and answer all of your questions. You’ll feel empowered and gain clarity about your opportunities for healing and upgrading your health!
  • A customized protocol: Your Metabolic Makeover™ Coach will recommend a comprehensive and targeted protocol, tailored to address the findings on your lab. Protocol recommendations will include the best supplements, exercise and detox options. Your protocol will also suggest other labs for additional investigation.
Decode My Stress Hormones for only $189!*


  • D.R.E.S.S.™ for Health Success Guide
  • Explaining Metabolic Chaos Videos by founder, Reed Davis
  • Your Stress & Hormones Explained Video by Reed Davis
  • A Stress & Hormones Bonus Video
  • 6 Ways to Balance Hormones
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • De-Stress & Self Care Planner
  • Menstruation Cycle & Its Phases
Decode My Stress Hormones for only $189!*
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  • You get a welcome email with instant access to an awesome intro video that will show you why your aren’t feeling your best, and how your Metabolic Makeover Labs™ will help! What you learn will forever change the way you maintain health, for life!
  • Join a dynamic and supportive Facebook Community.
  • Receive instructions on how to collect lab specimens.
  • Collect your lab sample in the comfort and privacy of your home.
  • Send a $212 lab fee directly to the lab when you mail in your lab specimen.
  • Complete a score card so we can assess where you are, and further customize your protocol.
  • View the pre-consult video to get everything you need to be prepared for your consultation.
  •  Schedule an appointment for a one-on-one consultation with a Metabolic Makeover™ Coach.
  • Your Metabolic Makeover™ Coach will interpret your lab results, answer any questions, and give you a customized protocol that will start you on the road to health!