Discover How To Get Your Patients REAL RESULTS Using Functional Lab Testing.

Join Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) for our new workshop where we show you how we use functional labs to create custom protocols that help eliminate unwanted symptoms.

We will review a case study of a nurse shift worker using 5 Functional Labs and 1 Assessment Test. 

The Labs:

  • Stress & Hormone Profile
  • Metabolic Wellness Profile
  • GI Map™ Stool Test
  • Muscosal Barrier Assessment
  • MRT Food Sensitivity Test
  • Metabolic Typing™ Assessment

on our Workshop series

During this 5-Day Workshop Series, you’ll get a front-row seat to see how we:

Must-Know Details:

  • Monday thru Friday Daily at 1 pm (PST) / 4 pm (EST) / 9pm (GMT) (Tuesday through Saturday 5am Sydney Time – daily replays)
  • 22nd July – 26th July
  • Live Presentation + Q&A
  • Yesss, Replay Available! 🙌

Discover how we

Use Functional Labs to Idenify the Imbalance in the body and create custom protocols to restore balance.

Watch over our shoulder as we interpret real lab results, and share our secrets for creating data-driven protocols. These are the same cutting-edge labs we teach inside our certification course that sells for more than 50x the price of this workshop!

While there’s no possible way we could teach you exactly how to interpret all five labs in just five sessions, we absolutely *can* teach you the methodology we use. And that’s something you can begin using right away – in your own life, or your own practice.

What’s Included In This Workshop Series?

Over the course of this 5-day workshop, you’ll be taken through our entire process, from start to finish, as our experts walk you through the real-life case-study of a female ER Nurse, night shift worker, aged 43 struggling with:

You’ll get to see first hand what it looks like for somebody to come to you with a certain set of symptoms, what their test results look like, how to give lifestyle recommendations, and how to actually get transformative results!

Hint: it’s all in the approach.

Each day, we’ll be a health detective and dive into the 5 major functional labs taught inside the FDN
certification course:

What You Get…

Get Access To Workshops and Q&A

Join Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) for our new & nerdy “5 Labs in 5 Days” Workshop Series.

Case Study Deep-Dive

You’ll be led by our very own Brandy Buskow FDNP, our Chief Operating Officier, along with FDN Program Mentors who have reviewed thousands of labs, as they walk you step-by-step through our process using a real-life case study. You’ll walk away knowing how to apply this same process with your own clients, or yourself!

VALUE $1,097

5 LIVE 60-90 Minute Workshop Sessions

This process will be broken down in real time! Each day, you’ll watch 1-hour session to look at a different foundational functional lab, and a different step of the client’s journey. You’ll leave each workshop session with a clear understanding of what each lab does and how to use them to create customized protocols that work.

VALUE $1,247


You’ll be able to ASK & review the questions your peers are asking and hear the responses at the end of each session.

VALUE $977

Permanent Access

You get permanent access to this entire workshop series. You can always return to these sessions and use them as a valuable resource.

VALUE $497

Total Value: $3,818




Client Intake + Stress & Hormones Profile

Functional health experts, Elizabeth Gaines, FDNP & Brandy Buskow FDNP, will walk you through the client intake process, and dive into evaluating stress & hormone levels within the body. Hormones can wreak havoc on the body, so this is a real game changer.


Metabolic Wellness Profile

Program Mentor Kurt Stradman, FDNP, will walk you through the power of functional testing to analyze metabolic health for yourself or your clients. The Metabolic Wellness Profile is great for tracking how changes in diet, exercise & overall lifestyle are impacting health over time.


Mucosal Barrier Assessment

Functional health expert, Courtney Cowie, FDNP, will show you how to use the Mucosal Barrier Assessment to evaluate the health and integrity of the mucosal barrier in the digestive system. This test provides information about the gut microbiome, intestinal permeability & inflammation levels – all important clues in getting to the bottom of unwanted symptoms.


GI Map™ Stool Test

Clinical Advisor Brendan Vermiere, FDNP will take a deep-dive into the client’s GI Map™ Stool Test, which can provide information about the overall function of the digestive system. This test can even be used to identify specific pathogens, such as Candida, and assess the patient’s gut microbiome –- which plays a critical role in maintaining overall wellness.


Mediator Release Test (MRT) Food Sensitivity Test & Metabolic Typing™

Julie Castleman, FDNP, will answer all of your questions that popped up throughout the workshop series! She will also review the results of the final lab test, provide recommendations, and examine the client’s final results in the case study.

See how it's possible to

Get Your Patients Results.

If you’re curious about how you can leave the bedside and move to a virtual practice, where you can guarantee your clients results. Join us and learn how we utilize the power of functional lab testing to restore health…and how you can to!


You’ll Walk Away From This 5-Part Workshop Knowing…

How we approach and interpret lab results differently here at FDN

The deep insights that could be gained from functional lab testing and how to intentionally look out for them

How you could use the knowledge and skills taught inside this workshop to take your business to the next level

How it Works

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You Might Be Wondering...

WHY is FDN giving so much away for only $33?

Great question. We had to ask ourselves this too. The bottom line is, we know that the ability to properly analyze functional labs changes lives, and we want to get this information into the hands of as many health professionals as possible. Plus, if you learn a lot from this workshop, we’d love to have you join us inside our full certification course!

I’ve never run functional labs before. Will this still benefit me?

YES! This is the perfect introduction to functional labs. You’ll learn exactly what each lab does and how we as FDNs approach them to get the best results.

If I’m already an FDN-P, should I join this workshop?

Nope. Everything you’ll learn inside this workshop is taught in-depth inside the FDN certification course, so you already know what these labs are all about and how to look at them to get results!

As The Nurse Health Practitioner Who Gets Results.

Grab a notebook, and join us for…

5 Action-Packed Session

5 Major Functional Labs

1 Proven Method & Approach

… and walk away with a better understanding of how to approach functional labs + client protocols in a way that fuels transformation and makes a real impact on health.

Must-Know Details:

  • Monday thru Friday Daily at 1 pm (PST) / 4 pm (EST) / 9pm (GMT) (Tuesday through Saturday 5am Sydney Time – daily replays)
  • 22nd July – 26th July
  • Live Presentation + Q&A
  • Yesss, Replay Available! 🙌

Must-Know Details:

  • Monday thru Friday Daily at 1 pm (PST) / 4 pm (EST) / 9pm (GMT) (Tuesday through Saturday 5am Sydney Time – daily replays)
  • 22nd July – 26th July
  • Live Presentation + Q&A
  • Yesss, Replay Available! 🙌