Say Goodnight to Insomnia Lecture Package


A complete package including all the materials you need to present a public lecture or workshop on sleep disorders. Lecture manual, documents, fantastic 107-slide power point presentation, adwork and more. Plus free coaching sessions with Reed Davis, Master of Patient Education. You receive all files in electronic format, plus a FREE handbook on how to set up and perform public lectures.




The Insomnia Lecture Package contains complete presentation slides in Canva and PowerPoint, a video recording on an FDN presenting the lecture to use as an example, a written transcript of the video presentation, the Stress Survey handout, Sleep Diary handout, Reed’s Complete Guide to Lectures Packages and Workshops, a “best practices” recorded interview with Reed, our How to setup your online webinar/masterclass guide, a webinar landing page template, lecture flyer template, Facebook event cover template, and social media graphic template.