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Dr. Aron Gonshor PhD, DDS, FRCD-C. FAO, President & CEO of FLUIDS iQ® Inc.: Nutrition, the Microbiome and Immune Balance


  • What are the mechanisms that lead to Chronic Inflammatory Disease (CID)? A detailed discussion of early childhood environmental factors, changes in microbiome composition, alteration of gut permeability, abnormal immune response, all leading to a break in immune tolerance and resultant CID.
  • The importance of the first 2-3 years of life – Mode of childbirth, proper nutrition, infection rate and antibiotic usage – in determining later state of health.
  • What type of nutrition leads to a healthy microbiome and a homeostatic immune system? Diet as Medicine
  • Gut microbial diversity as a key determinant of gut and systemic health.
  • Increasing incidence of autoimmune diseases in industrialized countries and the role played by early microbial exposure in the alteration of immune maturation.
  • Microbiome transformation with age as a sign of healthy aging.