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Navigating Trauma’s Impact on Health as a Modern Nutritionist
Discussion Topics Include:
  • The impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on the body
  • Measuring the impact of trauma on our clients
  • The difference between stress and trauma
  • Recommended assessments for recognizing stored trauma
  • Where to start as a modern nutritionist
Is Mold Behind Your Tough Gut Cases?
Discussion Topics Include:
  • Identify possible mold symptoms and exposure in your clients
  • Understand how mold affects the body
  • Understand the framework of mold recovery
  • Learn about mold labs
  • Learn gut protocols during mold illness
How to use a Holistic Mindset to Become a Health Industry Leader
Approaches for Improving Myelin Repair and Reducing Symptoms in MS/ Neuroimmune Patients
Discussion Topics Include:
  • Microglia reactivity in MS and neuroimmune conditions accelerates myelin damage and progression of disability.
  • Diet and lifestyle factors to address microglia reactivity have been identified and will be discussed.
  • Behavioural factors that influence remyelination have been identified and will be discussed.
  • Patient and family success with adopting recommended behaviour changes can be enhanced via the Wahls Behaviour Change™️ process.
The Enigma of the GFD-Reduced Symptomatology and Increased Mortality
Discussion Topics Include:
  • Developing a more comprehensive overview of wheat-related disorders
  • Understanding the mechanisms of compromising immune function on a GFD
  • Understanding the causes of reduced (long-term) QOL and increased mortality after diagnosis
  • Recognizing the frequency of detrimental impact on the epithelial lining of the GI Tract with a wheat-related disorder
Unlock the Secrets of Functional Medicine For Pets And Discover Why Conventional Approaches Are Falling Short
Discussion Topics Include:
  • The current vet care landscape
  • Dive into the basic concepts of functional medicine and discover how to apply them to dogs and cats
  • Get a glimpse into the future of pet care, and learn how to revolutionize the way you care for your and your clients’ furry companions
The Benefits of Glucose and Ketone Testing for the Patient, Practitioner, and Society
Discussion Topics Include:
  • Why glucose and ketone testing are vital to establishing and maintaining metabolic health, not only for the patient, and the practitioner but for society as a whole.
  • How to easily create a path to metabolic health by dialing in nutrition choices, utilizing the map and compass model.
  • How data-driven technology can help practitioners and coaches achieve greater adherence to therapeutic carbohydrate restriction, resulting in improved health outcomes.
Metabolic Health is Wealth
Discussion Topics Include:
  • Define 2 contributors to poor metabolic health
  • Explain how lifestyle impacts insulin sensitivity
  • Identify key ways to improve metabolic health proactively
Tapping Into The Innate Intelligence With Ketosis
Discussion Topics Include:
  • How ketosis works at the cellular level
  • The power of using ancient healing strategies
  • The importance of Vitamin G (gratitude)
  • How to find hidden opportunities for healing