The FDN Methodology

A Timeless Data-Driven Approach to Grow Your Practice With Ease.

Discover the proven methods behind 10+ years of results & thousands of thriving health coaching practices around the world

The Framework for Success

Most health coaches want to know… how can you guarantee client results?

We are committed to:

Test, Don’t Guess

We’ve developed a data-driven methodology that is anchored in bio-individuality, while offering a timeless “rinse & repeat” system that works for any client. On top of that, we walk you through proven business & marketing strategies that prepare you to launch + grow a 6-figure health practice.

Treat the Person, Not the Paper

Get to really know your client through a thorough intake process, so you can craft protocols that set them up to win. Collecting data is one thing, but at the end of the day, you’re not treating numbers on a page. You’re treating a real person, with a unique health story and health habits.

Follow a Timeless Framework

Craft protocols using our signature “D.R.E.S.S.” framework–a repeatable methodology that’s designed to restore dysfunction within the body, no matter what health challenges your client is struggling with. This will guide every health plan, saving you time and eliminating confusion.

“FDN principles just make complete sense.”

For someone who has been very unwell with autoimmune issues, and had to figure out the path to wellness through trial and error… FDN is the complete opposite! Test, don’t guess. Get well faster and save thousands of dollars, and time, by eliminating trial and error. Learn healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors to further support maintaining good health!

– Jeanine, FDNP

“FDN changed my whole perspective on what it means to be healthy.”

What sets [FDN] apart is that students have access to run functional labs on themselves, so they can identify healing opportunities and come up with comprehensive and highly customized lifestyle plans that are specific to them. This was such a game changer for me. It opened my eyes to underlying imbalances and dysfunction in my body that contributed to my weight struggles. I now apply what I’ve learned inside my own functional health coaching practice, helping my clients find the missing pieces to their own health puzzles using the FDN approach and philosophy.

– Jeanine, FDNP

Functional Labs We Master

Learn the ins and outs of 5 major functional lab tests that allow you to uncover hidden stressors & craft effective protocols to bring the body back to balance. These labs are included in your certification tuition, as you gain hands-on training by testing your own biomarkers first.

They include:

1. Stress and Hormones Profile:

Assess various hormones like cortisol, DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and melatonin to identify how the body is responding to stressors.

2. Metabolic Wellness Profile:

Evaluate various biomarkers and processes that contribute to metabolic health, including digestion, detoxification, and oxidative stress

3. Mucosal Barrier Assessment:

Determine the health and integrity of protective linings within the body that relate to digestive conditions, like inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), gastritis, or leaky gut.

4. G-I Map™ Stool Test:

Get a comprehensive snapshot of the gut microbiome and screen for pathogens in the stool, including bacteria, parasites, worms, and fungi.

5. MRT Food Sensitivity Test:

Identify unique food sensitivities and assess the body’s unique inflammatory response to certain foods, helping you create a personalized diet plan.

What is “D.R.E.S.S.”?

Welcome to FDN’s signature methodology–AKA your guide to crafting effective protocols that work. Inside the FDN Certification Program, you’ll master this exact framework that’s used by thousands of successful health coaches around the world today.

Let’s break it down…

for Diet

Leverage functional nutrition to fuel healing. Learn how to create nourishing protocols based on functional labs, so your clients get the unique nutrition they need to restore balance and get results. This is about taking away generic “healthy diet” recommendations and replacing it with food tailored to your client’s needs.

for Rest

Master sleep hygiene & rest. Discover ways to help your clients improve sleep quality based on their unique sleep habits and challenges. You’ll also learn common ways to measure sleep quality for clients who are interested in tracking their progress.

for Exercise

Learn to adjust intensity & frequency. Select the right type of exercise, intensity & frequency to accommodate your clients’ health goals. More is not always better! In fact, when the body is stressed, exhausted, or depleted, too much exercise can interfere with the healing process.

for Stress Reduction

Uncover hidden stressors for better results. Stress reduction is a key element to any successful health building program. When stress is left unresolved, the body begins to break down, and symptoms eventually appear. Learn to uncover hidden stressors so you can accelerate healing & optimize health.

for Supplementation

Harness the power of targeted supplementation. High-quality supplementation can be a game changer, when done strategically. Learn how to choose the most effective supplements for you + your client, based on functional lab results.

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