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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! MDP allows you to access functional lab testing for your clients. But at the end of the day, you are giving clients the ability to self-test, which is legal.
Who pays for the testing?
The client. We call this a “private-pay” business model, where the client directly covers the cost.
Are there any fees involved beyond the test itself?

It depends. Some lab tests must be ordered directly through a lab company and require no fee. Thanks to FDN Founder Reed Davis’ strong, long-standing relationship with these lab companies, you have access to these “Direct Order” tests through MDP.

On the other hand, some tests must be ordered through our program and require a $75 fee. These tests include a 30-minute case review session with an FDN Clinical Advisor who will help you interpret the results based on our unique FDN methodology.

What do the MDP fees cover?
Everything that happens on the back-end to keep this program up and running–processing orders, shipping tests, research on new tests for the program, the FDN Clinical Advisor consult, and general administration.
Who pays the MDP fees?
You, the FDNP, are responsible for paying the fees. We recommend including this in the cost of your health coaching program and charging the client for any re-testing, if it’s necessary.
Who can use MDP?

FDN trainees (active students) can run the basic labs on themselves that are taught inside the certification program. All FDN graduates get access to the full test list – so long as you are in good standing, which means you:

Practice the FDN philosophy as you were taught and do not step outside your scope
Get recertified every 2 years

What tests do we have access to?

There are 60+ lab tests available under MDP, all of which fit into the FDN methodology and provide clients with maximum value. We partner with leading labs, including: 

Fluids iQ
Diagnostic Solutions
Vibrant Wellness

Mosaic Diagnostics 
Precision Analytical

Where do I order test kits?
Through an order form inside FDN Connect (your membership portal). You’ll be asked basic information about your client, which should take about 2-5 minutes to complete.

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