The FDN Certification Course starts when you register. You will have instant access to the online lessons 24 hrs per day. Your two personal test kits will be shipped same day. FDN Mentors are available by appointment through telephone and Skype to review your personal test results and other required interaction, including an oral exam, and additional personal coaching.

A reasonable time frame to get through the course is about 3 – 6 months. Many have done it quicker than this. It is up to the trainee and what works with their schedule. Trainees are granted up to 1 year to complete all course requirements, at their own pace, and become FDN certified so there is plenty of time to complete the work. We’re here to help you succeed!

There will be two personal lab kits included in your registration fee. These tests are at no cost to you, however if you live internationally there may be a small shipping cost incurred. These labs tests will be reviewed as part your personal results consultation with an FDN Mentor as part of becoming a certified FDN practitioner.

Some of the lab testing used in FDN requires 2-day shipping back to the lab and can be done from most countries. However, we recommend you take a few simple steps to make sure this is possible from your location.

1) To determine if 2-day shipping via UPS is available from your location, click on the Link: https://wwwapps.ups.com/calTimeCost?loc=en_US&WT.svl=PNRO_L1Enter address information along with BioHealth lab’s postal code (90505).
2) To determine an estimated cost of return shipping of samples to the lab, visit BioHealth’s shipping label website: https://ship.biohealthlab.com
Fortunately, BioHealth Labs provides our trainees and practitioners’ access to their volume shipping discounts with UPS so you and your clients will receive up to 70% off standard rates. **Please note, if you are located in Australia or New Zealand we have partnerships with labs in both the US and AUS and we recommend testing from both. You may contact BioHealth labs as described above to confirm 2-day shipping availability and rates for the BH101, and another testing will be available to you domestically.

All of the lessons are online webinars, videos, and audio recordings, along with charts and diagrams. However, the FDN Course features lots of personal one-on-one mentoring. You will go over your personal test results with an FDN Mentor on phone or Skype. This is an extended consultation and can be recorded for repeated listening. You will also complete a “Practical Exercise” with a mock-up client provided by your mentor. This is where you get to practice your delivery of a consultation (follow the model we provide). You also receive personal mentorship on your first two client’s test results, protocols and preparation for the consultation with that client (FDN Team Mentorship program).

No. We teach you what we personally prefer and what we find works well. However, you should feel free to find equivalents and use them at your discretion. Note: Our recommended suppliers will pay you up to 30 – 40% commission for supplement sales when you refer your clients to them to purchase products.

FDN Team Mentorship program is a service where we walk you through your own personal test results, a few mock client cases, your first two real FDN clients’ test results. We require all course assignments with your mentor be complete for certification. We mentor you through the interpretation, protocol and client consultation before you speak to your client. Your confidence will grow with proper mentorship. You should complete the live “Practical Exercise” before doing client consultations.

No. The FDN Course is open to all interested parties and no previously earned credentials are required. Nothing should stop you from learning how to use functional laboratory work.

No. Regardless of where you live or what your background, you will not be practicing medicine unless you are licensed to do so. As FDN Practitioners we are positioned to educate clients how to improve their health, period. We don’t diagnose or treat disease. The health building model we teach is completely different from the disease care model. Not only do we teach you how to provide FDN services the correct way, we give you the legal forms you need to practice it. (Applies to licensed providers who think that FDN may be out of their scope of practice).

The FDN Course provides the latest up-to-date training available as we continually update the lessons. The FDN Course is an immersion process in which you work on yourself as you learn to work on others. The personal mentorship is unparalleled as you will receive hours of personal guidance. The FDN Course very reasonably priced and we over-deliver on education, materials, tools and personal mentorship. When you register for the FDN Course you become a member of the world-wide FDN Family of caring providers who sincerely want to do the very best for their clients and patients.

We have found that anyone can run labs. It’s knowing which lab to run, how to interpret the results, what to do with the data that is relevant to your individual client that is most important. We teach you a step-by-step process that will give you the confidence to help more people and charge more for your services. We fear that other courses teach you how to treat the test results instead of the person.
Course founder Reed Davis provides you with every tool, every protocol, and every piece of patient education material he developed in 12 years. His methods and materials are not available anywhere else. You will receive every update as the body of knowledge increases over the years, as long as you graduate and continue to practice FDN.

We provide continuous ongoing support after graduation with the weekly “Fantastic Friday” teleconferences where the FDN staff will answer any questions. You may also receive free lab test interpretations and case management assistance in any case you are working on through our collaboration with the lab.

Yes, we provide an attractive, digital certificate of completion, signed by the founder of FDN, Reed Davis, suitable for framing and display, and is easily distributed online and via email.

Yes, we have many successful FDN Practitioners in England and Scotland, and also in Canada and Australia. We are in over 41 countries and adding more all the time.

Yes, unlicensed providers may work under our Lab Resource Agreement and order the labs that we teach in the FDN Course. Otherwise, you may wish to find a local doctor to work with. The course includes many helpful tips on how to so.

If you are an unlicensed provider working under our Lab Resource Agreement, we reserve the right to suspend lab privileges if you abandon the lessons and are making no progress.

Not necessarily. In every instance, the products we recommend in the FDN Course are safe and natural and available over-the-counter in the U.S. Most US companies will ship products out of the US, however, you should check with local Customs authorities before ordering supplements from the U.S. While we have made reasonable efforts to identify locally available products in the UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ, we have no control over that availability or your ability to purchase them. Please note that FDN Inc. does not sell or distribute supplements and all transactions are between you and the supplement companies you choose to use.

You do not need to go through a professional membership association to get liability insurance for doing FDN work. You can apply for very reasonable insurance with our recommended vendor as long as you have a US address. We also work with an insurance company in the UK. Cost is less than $200 per year.

Yes, you can integrate FDN labs into your practice and implement them with your clients and patients. Unless you are a licensed practitioner, you will first need to complete the course before ordering any additional labs. The FDN Course includes mentoring you through several practical exercises with mock-up clients.

Yes! A very successful business model is included in the training that should be very easy for you to follow. FDN is designed so that you can make a very good living while helping people.

The rule of thumb is around $200 per hour. Once you get your arms around the work and what it can do for a client, you can decide how much you want to charge. Keep in mind that the founder of FDN has operated a very successful practice for many years and shares his methods throughout the course. It’s likely you will be able to make more money than you did before you took the FDN Course. Whether you do or not is up to you, as you must go through a learning curve to charge more than you are used to charging for current services that you offer. You will begin to attract many new clients that need your help. Very often they are much less concerned with the cost than you are. We will help you to avoid selling yourself short.

Absolutely. One of the most frequent comments we receive is that FDN trainees are very happy with the results they get from doing the lab work and personal consultation on themselves. It’s a personal journey and we expect FDNs to “walk the talk”.

Yes. There are several resources available to you as long as you are an active Certified FDN Practitioner. Free support is always available from the lab companies that we use. FDN founder, Reed Davis, is a Clinical Advisor for the main lab, BioHealth Laboratories, Inc. Reed is also very generous with his office time. You may choose to hire an FDN Mentor for additional support, above and beyond the extensive course training, for very reasonable fees. Additional support is provided through the weekly “Fantastic Friday” teleconferences. Case studies are periodically discussed during those calls. You may submit a case at any time. Over 100 “Fantastic Friday” calls are recorded and archived by subject matter on the FDN Community web site.

Yes. The FDN course is approved for PDC’s from the following organizations: NTA, NANP, The Chek Institute, and more will be added ongoing. If you have an accrediting or governing body for which you’d like the FDN course to be approved, please supply us with the proper application form. Many organizations will also consider our course for approval upon petition. We can supply you with a course outline/list of Instructor credentials which you can submit to your organization to see if the course will meet their criteria for approval.

Yes. Recertification assures the public that anyone claiming to be practicing FDN is actually doing so according to methods and procedures taught in the FDN Certification Course or recognized by AFDNP Inc. as an acceptable FDN health coaching practice. We hold a high standard for the FDN name and have made it very easy for our FDN-P to meet the requirements for recertification so that it is a benefit for the public and a benefit for our practitioners as well!