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FDN Course Curriculum


The Full FDN Course Curriculum

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Module-By-Module: The Functional Health Expertise You Need To Get Better Results.

The course kicks off with an introduction to the FDN philosophy, followed by comprehensive training on (6) functional health screening tests. Once you’ve learned how to analyze test results, we teach you how to create custom protocols based on those results. 

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  • Module 1 | FDN Model & Philosophy

    Learn the FDN ropes! We’ll teach you the overall FDN philosophy on health & wellness, and how it differs from conventional medicine. We’ll also introduce the concept of Metabolic Chaos™, and how to use functional lab tests to identify healing opportunities with the body.

  • Module 2 | Stress & Hormones (part 1)

    Learn the fundamentals of stress & hormones. In this module, we’ll look at the Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal Axis & the significance of cortisol dysregulation. We’ll also introduce the “FDN Stress & Hormone Profile.”

  • Module 3 | Stress & Hormones (part 2)

    Learn how to assess sex hormones. In this module you’ll look at both male & female hormone cycles, common symptoms relating to deficiencies, and hormone excesses. We’ll also review how to test premenopausal females.

  • Module 4 | Metabolic Health

    Learn how to assess metabolic health. In this module, you’ll learn the absolute importance of the liver, digestion, and natural detoxification. We’ll also introduce the “FLUIDS iQ Metabolic Wellness Profile” and review each marker.

  • Module 5 | Digestive Health

    Learn how to evaluate digestive health. In this module, you’ll learn the physiology and significance of the mucosal barrier, and its role in digestive health. The “FLUIDS iQ Mucosal Barrier Assessment” & “Genova Intestinal Permeability” tests will be detailed with explanations of markers that provide clues into intestinal permeability.

  • Module 6 | Antigens & Pathogens

    Learn all about bugs! Learn what happens when the GI environment breaks down. We’ll cover how to test for bacteria, parasites & yeast using the “Diagnostic Solutions GI-MAP Stool” test. (hint, hint…bugs are not the underlying problem).

  • Module 7 | Food Sensitivities

    Learn all about food sensitivity testing. In this module, you’ll learn how to use the “Great Plains IgG Fingerstick'' & the “Oxford Biomedical Mediator Release” tests to screen your clients for potential food sensitivities. We’ll also cover guidelines for when to reintroduce sensitive foods, and when to retest your clients.

  • Module 8 | Metabolic Typing®

    Learn what foods to recommend! In this module, we explore how Metabolic Typing® helps you determine the proper diet for you + your clients. We also introduce the D.R.E.S.S. For Health Success™ framework, which helps you create custom healing protocols.

  • Module 9 | “D” for Diet in D.R.E.S.S for Health Success© Program

    This lesson dives deep into the “D” in the FDN D.R.E.S.S. For Health Success© program, to help address a vast array of Metabolic Chaos® when customizing client protocols.

  • Module 10 | Rest, Recovery & Sleep

    Establish the importance of rest in addressing Metabolic Chaos™. In this module, we discuss the various cycles that occur within the body during deep sleep, how to educate your clients on proper sleep hygiene & how to track sleep cycles.

  • Module 11 | Exercise & Movement

    Learn to properly adjust intensity & frequency. Everyone needs movement, but not everyone benefits from high-intensity exercise while healing. In this module we’ll talk about how you can customize exercise & movement practices for each person.

  • Module 12 | Stress & Stress Reduction

    Learn how to support healing with stress reduction. In this module, you’ll learn how to identify hidden stressors for you and your clients. And, how to incorporate stress reduction practices into your healing protocols.

  • Module 13 | Targeted Supplementation

    Get strategic with targeted supplementation. Supplementation with professional-grade supplements is a game changer, when done properly. In this module, you’ll learn how to select the most effective supplements to restore optimal function (surprise, surprise: it’s based on lab results!).

  • Module 14 | Case Studies & Prep

    Solidify your understanding with real world case studies. In this module, you’ll review some powerful real world examples & reflect on what you’ve learned so far: there is only one underlying problem…Metabolic Chaos™. You’ll also prepare for your personal lab results & recommendation sessions, which means you’ll get to be the client soon!

  • Module 15 | Client Onboarding & Intake

    Prepare to serve clients. In this module you’ll prepare for the real world by reviewing onboarding procedures & intake processes. We’ll walk you through logistics & best practices to set you up for success.

  • Module 16 | Final Exams

    You’ve made it! This final module includes your “practical exercise assignments” to be performed with an FDN program mentor, giving you valuable practice before graduation. You’ll also find instructions on how to schedule your written & oral exams!

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Explore the Full Curriculum

So why wait? Get ahead of the curve and download the FDN course curriculum today!