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The Health Impact of Parasite Infections

The Health Impacts of Parasite Infections

What is a parasite? A parasite is any organism that feeds off of another organism.  Unfortunately for humans there are parasites that choose us as hosts, take up residence and feed off of vital nutrients throughout the body. The idea of being infected by parasites is frightening to many, but infections are more common than […]

Are Your Personal Care Products Toxic?

Are Your Personal Care Products Toxic

When we go to the store to purchase the personal care products that we use every day, we take for granted that they are actually safe to use.  The problem is that many personal care products are filled with synthetic chemicals that haven’t been tested for safety on humans.  Even many products that claim to […]

Keeping Your Lymphatic System Healthy

Keeping Your Lymphatic System Healthy 800x675

Most people have not heard of the body’s lymphatic system and as a result do not understand the importance of maintaining the lymphatic system for optimal health. The body’s lymphatic system is a drainage and garbage system that is similar to the circulatory system. The lymphatic system is comprised of a network of small vessels […]

The Dangers of Drinking Tap Water

The Daners of Drinking Tap Water

The Shameful Facts Within the past century, the extensive use of chemicals in agriculture and big industry has polluted every source of water on the planet. Traces of toxic synthetic chemicals can even be found in polar icecaps and the Arctic Ocean. Despite our intelligence, we’re literally destroying our supply of the two most essential […]

The Dangers of Consuming Aspartame

The Dangers of Consuming Aspartame

Aspartame, more commonly known as the brand names NutraSweet or Equal, is an artificial sweetener that’s commonly found in many diet sodas and other low calorie products. Aspartame is a dangerous substance that should have never been approved, and because of the modern obsession with restricting calories, millions of people are risking their health by […]

7 Ways We’ve Failed at Trying to Outsmart Nature

7 Ways Weve Failed at Trying to Outsmart Nature

With our high level of intelligence and the vast amount of technological innovation that we enjoy today, it’s ironic that excellent health is so elusive to so many people. Without any of the modern technology that we rely on today, our primitive ancestors were able to enjoy exceptional health and rarely encountered the many chronic […]