How Caffeine May Be Harming Your Health

How Caffeine May Be Harming Your Health

We are living in a time when it seems that there is a coffee shop on every corner, and caffeine filled soft drinks and energy drinks are easily accessible to people of all ages.  Social media is full of plenty of jokes about people needing their daily coffee fix to survive. But those jokes aren’t […]

Stop Calling It Adrenal Fatigue-Call it HPA Axis Dysfunction

Stop Calling It Adrenal Fatigue Call it HPA Axis Dysfunction

Today’s post is a guest post from Linda Wilbert-Stewart, HHP, HC and FDN-P.  Most people recognize the term adrenal fatigue, as it has become more recognized in natural health circles. But that term doesn’t exactly address the full scope of the dysfunction that is happening within the body. When you deal with what is now […]

Overcoming the 3 O’Clock Energy Slump

The 3 OClock Energy Slump

Do you suffer from a lack of energy or fatigue, midday? Then you are you a member of the 3 o’clock energy slump club! Is an afternoon caffeine boost something you can’t make it through the day without? Maybe you work at home and naps are a part of your routine. Not the leisurely day, […]

HPA Axis Dysfunction: More than Adrenal Fatigue

HPA Axis Dysfunction More than Adrenal Fatigue

For most people, life is busy. In fact it is often too busy for many. At work and at home, people find themselves dealing with seemingly endless obligations, projects, tasks and chores that all need attention.  They are subjected to frequent stimulation from smart phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players and televisions which cause overload. There […]