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Brain Fog

HPA Axis Dysfunction More than Adrenal Fatigue

HPA Axis Dysfunction: More than Adrenal Fatigue

For most people, life is busy. In fact it is often too busy for many. At work and at home, people find themselves dealing with seemingly endless obligations, projects, tasks and chores that all need attention.  They are subjected to frequent stimulation from smart phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players and televisions which cause overload. There …

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Brain Fog Part One FDN

Brain Fog, Part 1

What Causes Brain Fog? It happens to the best of us.  Everyone, from time to time, suffers from a little lapse in mental clarity. We’ve all had moments where we forgot a name, misplaced our keys, had trouble producing a word, or just felt a bit hazy. We often joke about experiencing “senior moments” and feeling …

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