The Surprising Foods that Contain Hidden Sugar

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One of the elements of the FDN D.R.E.S.S for Health Success® protocol is changing to a healthier way of eating. This is particularly important for those people who have been eating the standard Western diet filled with factory processed foods that are filled with chemical additives, artificial coloring, hidden sugar and more. One element of the […]

Are Blood Sugar Imbalances Making You Sick?

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Over the last century, how we eat has changed drastically.  Back in the early 1900’s factory processed foods were just starting to be introduced to the market, and so most people were eating a diet that was rich in whole foods.  The convenience of factory foods completely changed US diets. It increased the amount of […]

HPA Axis Dysfunction: More than Adrenal Fatigue

HPA Axis Dysfunction More than Adrenal Fatigue

For most people, life is busy. In fact it is often too busy for many. At work and at home, people find themselves dealing with seemingly endless obligations, projects, tasks and chores that all need attention.  They are subjected to frequent stimulation from smart phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players and televisions which cause overload. There […]

Top Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar


Are you regularly eating too much sugar? As another holiday season winds down and the New Year approaches, many people are thinking back over the past month and realizing just how many sugary treats they have actually consumed in that time. Although it is expected that sugar intake will increase during the month of December, […]

How to Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet

How to Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet

Refined sugar and refined carbohydrates are responsible for much of the poor health and disease that are so prevalent today, but because they’re so addictive and exist in so many processed foods, many people have a difficult time avoiding them. While there are plenty of reasons to eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates, the chances of successfully […]

Debunking Diabetes

Debunking Diabetes FDN

The diagnosis of diabetes can be devastating.  Type 2 Diabetes is a serious epidemic that afflicts more than 29 million people in the United States today.  It is the 7th most common cause of death.  Science has come a long way in helping us to understand the cause, treatment, and prevention of the disease, yet […]