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Strategies to help your health business grow all month long!

Promo Window: May 14 – June 30, 2024
Event Goes Live: June 1 – 30, 2024

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Summer Open House 2024

Strategies to help your health business grow all month long!

“Summer Open House” is our premier month-long virtual event, where successful functional health professionals share insights and strategies to help your health business grow.

There’s a talk or two scheduled EVERY SINGLE DAY in June (Monday-Friday).

This event focuses on delivering value, with sessions all tailored
around the business of functional health. Highlights include educational talks,
interactive live Q&A sessions, and round-table discussions,
including both FDN practitioners and successful external professionals in the industry.

This is a free event and open to everyone! But here’s what’s in it for you.

 A month-long sale of $1000 off the FDN Program to your referrals AND we decided to INCREASE YOUR COMMISSION to $750 for each FDN Program sale in the month of June!


Earn Commissions with Summer Open House.

As an affiliate, you play a crucial role in sharing our event, and we reward your efforts! 

The event itself is completely free, opening doors for broader engagement. 

But there’s more: using your affiliate link for registrations means that if your referral goes on to purchase our FDN Program within the month of June, you’ll earn a special commission of $750 per course sale.

Your link remains active as a cookie for 90 days, ensuring you benefit from any sales made in that period. We’re dedicated to nurturing these leads, maximizing the potential for you to earn commissions long after the event concludes.

Those purchasing after June 30th, you will receive your standard $600 commission.

Promo Calendar

Promo Window: May 14 – June 30, 2024
Summit Goes Live: June 1 – 30, 2024

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Watch the Webinar Talking About All Things Summer Open House

Learn firsthand what this event is, important dates, commission, how to find your links, and more. Webinar coming Wednesday, May 15th at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. Join HERE.

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Join us in spearheading a monumental shift in health education. This is the future of learning—be at the forefront with us!

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Our speakers (update coming)

Kristina Cole, FDNP

Fatigue Free in Your 50s

Explore the Gut-Brain connection, HPA axis optimization, and ways nutritional adjustments, stress management, physical activity, and eliminating irritants boost energy and wellness.

Dr. Ruth Roberts

Unleashing Functional Medicine for Your Pet

“Unveil the limitations of conventional vet care, master functional medicine basics for pets, and envision the future of comprehensive pet care.”

Shauna Gourley, FDNP

FDN & The Path to Wholeness

Explore FDN’s role in mental wellness, the interplay between hormones, gut health, and mental state, and the burgeoning nexus of psychedelics in mental and gut health

Jenn Malecha, FDNP

How Hormones Guide Exercise Recommendations & Drive Client Results

Discover what typical blood tests miss, how FDNs use functional labs to unveil hormone insights, and tailor exercise, sleep, and diet recommendations to address stress and optimize client results.

Erin Blevins

Stirring Success: A Celebrity Chef’s Journey from Movie Magic to FDN

Learn to craft and evolve personalized nutrition plans based on lifestyle, emotional capacity, and time management, specifically tailored for athletes, and discover how to spark excitement about your nutritional approach.


Kurt Stradtman, FDNP

The Science of Personalized Nutrition: Exploring the Blood Type Diet

Explore the Blood Type Diet’s premise of personalized nutrition tailored to one’s blood type, detailing the theory, specific dietary recommendations per blood type, its health benefits, and practical tips for everyday application.

Ryan Monahan, FDNP

Identifying patterns of Toxicity in the Organic Acids Test (OAT)

Learn how toxins affect mitochondrial function, identify paraben exposure through OAT, and understand glutathione status and its depletion factors.


Bridgit Danner

Why Now is the Best Time to Become a Mold Expert

Explore how climate change and modern construction contribute to mold illness, clarify the mold versus mycotoxins confusion, and simplify the complexity around binders.

Holly Higgins, FNTP, C. Hyp, RTT

Change Your Perspective on “Self Sabotage” Forever

Discover the pivotal role of the subconscious in habit change, its intent to ally with you, its crucial development from ages 0 to 7, and methods to reprogram it through understanding the impacts of repetition, trauma, and early experiences.

Tara Garrison, CFSC

Why Weightlifting is the Most Underrated Biohack

Explore biohacking through the lens of weightlifting, uncovering its underrated physical and mental benefits, and learn how to maximize your weightlifting efforts.

Megan Van Zyl, FNTP

ER + Breast Cancer Roots, Hormones and Emotional Roots 

Understand ER+ breast cancer, including its genetic ties, how progesterone management and emotional well-being impact outcomes, and the role of flaxseeds and phytoestrogens in mitigating estrogen dominance.

Nicole Ritter, FDNP

Unmasking Mold: The Hidden Culprit in Chronic Illness 

Learn what mold is, its growth conditions, its impact on health particularly, chronic illness, testing methods, and immediate actions clients can take to improve their well-being.

Jennilyn Griffiths

The Gut-Brain Axis 

Explore the integral role of the gut microbiome in influencing metabolism, brain function, immune system, its connection to mental health, and strategies to enhance gut health and mood-modulating neurotransmitter production.

Brandy Buskow, FDNP

The FDN Methodology Can Absolutely Help with Infertility!

Examine the risks of birth control, stress’s hormonal impacts, the importance of diet, the limitations of relying on supplements, and the critical role of mindset in overall health.

Mollie Eastman

Sleep First: Rewilding Your Way to Exceptional Rest

Discover why prioritizing sleep is crucial for optimal wellness, how rewilding can improve sleep quality, and the three essential actions for achieving great sleep.

Brendan Vermeire, FDNP

Brain on Fire: Getting to the Root of the Mental Health Crisis

Discover cutting-edge insights into mental health, exploring root causes and innovative strategies for addressing Mental Health Dysfunction.

Courtney Cowie, FDNP

Simple Steps You Can Take to Calm Down Your IBS or IBD Symptoms

Explore how dietary adjustments, cautious probiotic use, functional stool testing, and lifestyle factors can collectively influence and mitigate IBS/IBD symptoms.

Tina Haupert

Perimenopause Weight Loss: Insights, Nutrition, and Hormonal Harmony

Unlock weight loss strategies for women in their 40s with functional testing, nutritional insights, and hormonal balance.

Leah Brueggemann

Balancing Hormones Naturally 

Explore how foundational mineral and blood sugar balance supports hormonal health, the impact of stress on hormones, key minerals for regular, pain-free periods, and gaining deeper insight into your menstrual cycle.

Star Edwards

Your 5-Step Strategy: Microbiome Recovery & Resilience

Become a microbiome hero with Microbiome Labs by learning a 5-step strategy to rebuild a resilient microbiome, beyond just pro- and prebiotics, by identifying and combating dysbiosis risk factors.

Dr. Piper Gibson

Optimizing Neurological Health in Kids: Exploring Functional Medicine Solutions

Discover how functional medicine’s root cause approach to pediatric neurological issues combines with vital nutritional strategies and lifestyle optimizations to support and enhance children’s brain function and development.

Brianne Gates

Understanding ADHD & Mood Disorders from a Holistic Perspective

Discover the root causes of mood issues and ADHD, learn how to identify hidden stressors, and explore effective remedies for managing and resolving these conditions

Shalin Dominique

Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau: 3 Simple Steps to Overcoming Stubborn Fat

Discover the root causes of weight loss resistance, learn about common mistakes that hinder fat loss, and explore three simple steps to overcome stubborn fat.

Dr Aimie Apigian

Dr. Aimie Apigian

The Body’s Trauma Response: Heart Shocks in Early Life and It’s Effect On Mind and Body

Uncover the key elements of an Early Life HeartShock and hear some examples. Learn about the relationship between attachment and the nervous system and how HeartShock affects the mind and body. 

Sachin Patel

Beyond Breathing: How to improve your client’s health one breath at a time

Learn breathing techniques and the collateral benefits of breathing better and why it’s an overlooked resource for improving your health.

MaryAnn Marks

Unlocking the Power of Bio-Individual Blood Work Interpretation: Beyond Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Explore functional blood work interpretations and how physiological changes occur in pregnancy and people who live in high elevations.

Laura Timbrook

Unseen Hours, Unheard Needs: Bringing Shift Worker Wellness to Light

Explore health risks of shift workers and the implementation of strategies that have proven effective in discussions at the workplace.

Andrea Dahr

Transform Your Health By Switching to Non-Toxic Beauty, Baby and Household Products

Discover how to determine whether or not your everyday products are safe and how to reduce exposure to toxins while not being overwhelmed with options.

Dr. Bob Hoffman

The Dilemma of Selling Health

Harness the power of making the invisible visible, maximize pricing, and generate passive income through your virtual strategy.

Tara Garrison

Why Weightlifting is the most Underrated Biohack

Learn the secrets of biohacking and why weightlifting is the most underrated methods of biohacking and how to get the most out of your weightlifting goals.

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