Creating Lifetime Patients: The 5 Pillars of a Truly Healthy Chiropractic Lifestyle Workshop

The only Functional Health Program created and tested Inside a Chiropractic Practice.

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A Tried & True System to Address the Chiropractic Lifestyle...

This process works for any symptom, condition or illness.

At FDN, we teach you how to identify healing opportunities & hidden stressors that will build better health, no matter what a patient is experiencing.

Why $11? To defray the cost of us putting all the content together including a workbook for notes. 
Putting this on for thousands of chiropractors, we need help to defray the cost. 

Can You Relate?

As a Chiropractor you know your patients want and need a Functional Health Program.  The challenge is which is the best Functional Health Program for you, the chiropractor.  

Well, rather than guess and take other people’s word for it who have a vested interest in selling you their program, why not experience the actual program firsthand before you make any decision?

If so, you’re in just the right place!

Experience a Real Chiropractic Functional Health Program

Remember this Workshop is your opportunity to experience what a real Chiropractic Functional Health Program is all about.  One created and built right inside a chiropractic office. Please note:  This is not a sales pitch.  We are going to walk you step by step through exactly what an actual patient will experience from their initial introduction to your Chiropractic  Functional Health Program including the questionnaires you will use, the lab test you will run and most importantly how those lab tests will be interpreted and the recommendations.   Get your access right now. You’ll get to participate the Live Workshop with Permanent Access to review as you see fit. You’ll get the complete Workbook, and we will be there to answer all your questions.

You’ll Never Leave Empty-Handed.

Live Workshop

Participant Workbook


Q & A

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

What if I Cannot Attend Live?

No worries! We know life can get busy. This is why we’re giving you permanent access to view the replay any time you’d like. You must register to get access to the replay.

Most likely, yes. If you are looking to add functional labs to your chiropractic office, and you should be, then this is for you!

Yes – if you’re still looking for a framework to get better patient results. FDN will teach you how to interpret functional labs and what to DO about it. Plus, it’s the most well-known functional health program and the easiest to get your patients to comply. And it’s the only functional health program developed in a chiropractic office.

The FDN Program and framework was created INSIDE a chiropractic office and generated over 10,000 new patients. It’s a great value-add to your office and generates additional revenue. 

What You Get...

This is the only functional chiropractic workshop that allows you to experience what the best functional health program for your practice is before you commit.

Workshop 60-Mins

Functional health expert, Elizabeth, FDN-P, and Al Weinstein, DC, will break down the proven FDN methodology to address any health concern your patients may have, in easy-to-understand steps. Plus we’ll share our own insights to what makes FDN the perfect functional health program for chiropractic.  This will include 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A.

Value-Packed Participant Workbook

Our Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Team has put together a value-packed workbook that will not only help you take notes during the live event, but will also serve as a practical reference as you move forward with implementing this new chiropractic functional health program.

Permanent Access to Replay

We get it – you’re busy! That’s why we’re including permanent access to the entire workshop & live Q&A so you don’t have to worry about writing everything down, or missing the live event. You must register to receive the replay.


In-depth Q&A session with Elizabeth and Al Weinstein, DC. If you have a question after all the questions have been answered, we want to hear from you!

Key Takeaway #1:

Learn to Leverage the Metabolic Blueprint

Most practitioners use a one-size-fits-all approach to functional health within a chiropractic practice, such as:

For some people, this is great advice. But unfortunately, not for most of your patients.

And here’s the tricky part…

Someone who needs *more* protein can have the same symptoms as someone needs *less*.
Someone who needs *more* exercise can have the same symptoms as someone needs *less*.

But, the GOOD NEWS is that there’s an alternative to this one-size-fits-all protocol.

The FDN D.R.E.S.S system allows you to identify your patient’s unique biological needs, so you can transcend general recommendations and achieve better health based on your patient’s unique metabolic blueprint. 

Key Takeaway #2:

Learn How One Simple System Works For Everyone

What’s even better about this one simple system is that it applies to any patient!

It doesn’t change based on the symptom, complaint or condition. In fact, it’s designed to be customizable, but the roadmap is always the same.

Many programs and practitioners focus on one or two pillars of health. But the truth is…. this usually isn’t enough to help the body regulate & heal.

Key Takeaway #3:

Practical Tips To Help You Get Started Today

And, don’t think for a second we’d send you off without practical tips. We’ll cover topics your patients need to know such as:

You will leave with practical information & tips you can use to:

The Best Chiropractic Functional Health Program

As pioneers in chiropractic functional health, we have developed a tried & true process for addressing any (yes…any!) unwanted health symptoms or conditions for the chiropractic patient.

And, the best part?

This is the same exact system that was born out of a chiropractic office, which is now used by over 4,000+ FDN Practitioners worldwide to help transform people’s lives for the better.

And, it will work for you, too.

How it Works

Our mission is to help you (and your patients) heal & thrive.
Bring your questions and join us for this limited-time opportunity!

See you there!!

Thursday, August 8, 2024 @ 2pm ET / 11am PT / 6pm GMT