New Affiliate Center Transition FAQs

As we transition to Everflow as our affiliate portal center, we understand that you may have questions about this new platform. To help make this transition as smooth as possible for you, we’ve put together this FAQ page to address some of the most common questions we’ve received. 

Here you’ll find information about how to sign up, track your referrals, and more. We hope this page is helpful to you, but if you still have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected].

Q: Why are you moving to a new affiliate center platform?

We made this decision to provide our affiliates with a more transparent experience, making it easier for you to track your earnings and get paid promptly. With its reliable tracking system and real-time reports, you will have full visibility into your referrals’ activity and earnings, making it easier for you to optimize your promotions and maximize your commissions. 

Q: Will I be able to stay on the same tier?

Yes, your tier will be transferred over and/or updated when you sign up. 

Q: Do I need to resubmit my W-9?

If we have your W-9 on file, you will not need to resubmit. 

Q: Is PayPal the only way you’ll pay affiliates?

Yes, this new platform only accepts PayPal for commission payouts.

Q: What if I don’t have a PayPal account. 

You’ll need to create a PayPal account to receive any commissions. 

Q: I like the old affiliate center, can I stay on it?

You’ll still be able to access your ledger to view outstanding payments until December 31, 2023, but you will not have access to your links after July 31, 2022.

Q: What will happen to my outstanding payments from the old affiliate center? Will they be transferred over to the new one?

Rest assured that any outstanding payments owed to you from the old affiliate center will still be paid out. However, these payments will not be transferred over to the new system. Therefore, you may need to check both the old and new systems to view each ledger until December 31st. After that date, all payments will be made solely through the new system. 

Q: Will I need to create a new affiliate account?

No, your info will get migrated over to the new platform. When you receive an email to log-in, you can use your current username, but you will need to reset your password. 

Q: Will my affiliate links change with the transition to the new affiliate center?

Yes, your affiliate links will change with the transition to the new affiliate center. You will need to update your links to the new ones provided in your dashboard. This will ensure that any new referrals are properly tracked and attributed to you for commission payouts. It’s important to update all of your links to the new ones as soon as possible to avoid any missed commissions.

Q: Will the commission rates and payout terms be the same?

Yes, the commission rates and payout terms will remain the same in the new affiliate center as they were in the old affiliate center. You can view the updated commission policy HERE.

Q: Will I still have access to the same marketing materials (banners, swipe copy, etc.)?

No, you will need to access the new affiliate center to access the updated marketing materials and resources. You can find that information HERE.

Q: How can I get better support from the affiliate team?

You can contact us at [email protected] or you can join our community Slack channel

 For additional questions or help, please contact us at [email protected].