Affiliate Commission Policy

FDN’s commission policy is structured as a three-tiered program that is based on the number of referrals who purchase our course. Please take a moment to review the following key details about our commission policy and see our tier structure below.

Some important things to note about our commission policy:
  • We pay our affiliates using a flat-rate commission policy. This means that you YOU will receive a consistent payout for EACH referral you send our way. 
  • If your referral chooses to pay for the course in full, you will receive your commission within 30 days of their purchase.
  • For your referrals who choose a payment plan, we will pay your commission IN FULL within 30 days – 6 months, depending on the type of payment plan they choose. (This is to ensure that we can recoup costs in case of cancellations or refunds.)
  • We have a 90 day cookies policy.
  • We pay our affiliates via PayPal.
  • You must have a valid W-9 submitted before you will receive payment.
  • If the referral, spends a significant time with our sales team, the sale will not be applied to the affiliate.

For additional questions or help, please contact us at [email protected]

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