FDN Summer Open House


Learn How to Succeed as a Health Coach from Top-Performing Functional Health Experts & Mentors.

Unlock exclusive access to 18+ *LIVE* never before seen business & clinical events that will take you behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to be an FDNP for the entire month of June.

FDN Summer Open House

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Want to Spend the Month as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner?



FDN Summer Open House

The month-long FDN extravaganza for established and aspiring health coaches, where you get to experience what we’re all about, while learning high-level skills that will fuel your health coaching career.

You’ll get the rare opportunity to….

Summer Open House Gives You Access to...

  • 18+ *LIVE* Expert-Led Events | Value: $5,179

    Join never before seen events hosted by FDN experts and mentors, including Reed Davis himself! You’ll learn top business and clinical strategies for success from health leaders who have built thriving careers as FDNs.

  • Exclusive Clinical & Business Content | Value: $379

    This is new & nerdy content that has never been offered before. You’ll learn our graduates’ secrets to success, from marketing your business, to analyzing functional labs. And, once the clock strikes midnight on the first of July, it will be gone forever!

TOTAL VALUE = $5,000+

Your Investment: $0 😮

Take a Look at...

What’s in Store for You!

  • Event #1 | How to Use a Holistic Mindset to Become a Health Industry Leader with Sachin Patel, FDNP

    June 3 @ 8:30 AM PDT
    We’ll kick off the month with an inspiring conversation with Functional Medicine Success Coach and practicing FDN Practitioner, Sachin Patel. As a pioneer in the industry, Sachin will speak on New Paradigm strategies that place the patient at the center & lead to life-changing transformations.

  • Event #2 | Get a Live Course Tour with Brandy Buskow, FDNP

    June 6 @ 12 PM PDT
    Hang out with our COO, Brandy Buskow, as she takes you behind-the-scenes of the FDN certification course! Learn what to expect inside the program, from what happens upon enrollment, to navigating the student portal, and so much more.

  • Event #3 | Hot Topics with Elizabeth Gaines, FDNP

    June 7 @ 10 AM PDT
    Sit in on a real live student training session inside the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) certification program, where Lead Instructor, Elizabeth Gaines, hosts her regular “Hot Topics” session, covering red hot functional health topics you don’t want to miss.

  • Event #4 | Build a Career That Works for YOU with Jennifer Woodward, FDNP

    June 8 @ 10 AM PDT
    So, you graduated from FDN. Now what? There are SO many paths you can take as a health coach, but Jennifer is going to help you choose the best one for you – do you want your own practice? Would you be less stressed working for somebody else? Is there a middle ground?

  • Event #5 | Detective Hour: Be a Fly on the Wall Inside FDN’s Graduate Program with Paula Reed, FDN Clinical Advisor

    June 9 @ 9 AM PDT
    Experience first-hand what it’s like to be an FDN. Come be a fly on the wall inside Detective Hour, where you’ll watch our graduates interview a seasoned Clinical Advisor. This is the best event to see a full breakdown of lab interpretation on tougher cases.

  • Event #6 | Expert Roundtable: How to Get Clients hosted by Founder Reed Davis & Evan Transue, FDNP

    June 12 @ 1 PM PDT
    Most people’s first question when they graduate is… “how do I get clients?!”. FDN Founder, Reed Davis, and Evan Transue, Host of The Health Detectives Podcast, walk you through how to create a steady stream of clients, and build predictable revenue streams.

  • Event #7 | Make Back Your Investment with Jenn Malecha, FDNP

    June 13 @ 11:30 AM PDT
    Does the price tag on the FDN certification course scare you? Learn how to work backwards to make back your investment, from pricing your packages, to determining exactly how many clients you need each month, and how many hours you can expect to work.

  • Event #8 | Science Matters with Fluids IQ Founder Dr. Aron Gonshor + FDN Founder Reed Davis

    June 14 @ 8:30 AM PDT
    Learn about the latest studies... because science matters! Join Dr. Gonshor and Reed for a quick summary on a recent study that's relevant for all prospective and current FDNPs.

  • Event #9 | Master Lectures and the Stage with Evan Transue, FDNP and Kimberly Boehm, DNOM, FDNP

    June 15 @ 9:30 AM PDT
    Giving lectures and presentations is a powerful way to build authority as a health professional. BUT, it takes some practice. Learn how to get booked, feel confident, and sell on stage with professional public speaker, Evan Transue.

  • Event #10 | Trainee Study Hour with FDN Founder Reed Davis and Elizabeth Gaines, FDN Course Supervisor

    June 16 @ 10 AM PDT
    Join current Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) students inside “Trainee Study Hour”, which is a weekly time with Founder, Reed Davis & Course Supervisor, Elizabeth Gaines. This is where students get to ask any course related questions. This is where students gain practical experience, learn from each other, and connect with Reed!

  • Event #11 | Health Detective Podcast Live with Evan Transue, FDNP and Ryan Monahan, FDNP

    June 19 @ 12 PM PDT
    Join Evan as he interviews a special guest who overcame the trickiest of health concerns naturally – a powerful story of how functional medicine transforms lives.

  • Event #12 | Earn Passive Income w/ Online Courses that Sell with Jennifer Woodward, FDNP

    June 20 @ 10 AM PDT
    Having an online course or group program is one of the most effective ways to help more people without burning out. Hello, passive income! FDNP, Jennifer Woodward, will teach you how to sell online courses that actually sell, so you can create more time-freedom in your business.

  • Event #13 | Detective Hour: Be a Fly on the Wall Inside FDN’s Graduate Program with Whitney Morgan

    June 21 @ 10 AM PDT
    Experience first-hand what it’s like to be an FDN. Come be a fly on the wall inside Detective Hour, where you’ll watch our graduates interview a seasoned Clinical Advisor. This is the best event to see a full breakdown of lab interpretation on tougher cases.

  • Event #14 | The Power of Positivity When Building Your Brand & Utilizing Referral Partners with Nicole Ritter, FDNP

    June 21 @ 11 AM PDT
    Learn how to build a 6-figure health coaching business you love. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDNP), Nicole Ritter, will walk you through how she built her business from the ground up, and share her best-kept business secrets for getting consistent clients WITHOUT having to rely on social media.

  • Event #15 | Biohacking Deep-Dive with Elizabeth Gaines, FDNP

    June 22 @ 8 AM PDT
    Who doesn’t love some next-level biohacking?! Elizabeth Gaines, FDNP & FDN Lead Instructor, will dive into the latest functional health research, and share her favorite biohacking strategies that can be shared with clients for better health outcomes.

  • Event #16 | How to Attract Profitable Partnerships & Clients Using LinkedIn with Hailey Rowe

    June 23 @ 9 AM PDT
    Learn the 5 different ways you can use LinkedIn to grow your business… WITHOUT posting all the time because it’s the lowest maintenance platform when you compare it to IG & FB. Plus, hear about a non-pushy way to book more discovery calls, visibility opportunities, & generate interest in your services. All from the successful Marketing & Sales Coach and Consultant AND Linkedin Lead Generation Service Provider, Hailey Rowe.

  • Event #17 | Facebook Organic Marketing: Does it Work and How to Work IT with Kristin Thomas, FDNP

    June 26 @ 12 PM PDT
    Is Facebook still a viable channel to grow your business today, or is it over-saturated and too highly censored? Join internationally-acclaimed business, marketing, and copywriting mentor (and former FDN practitioner) Kristin Thomas as she breaks down how Facebook is still a top-performing marketing channel in the wellness space and how to work it to grow your audience, nurture leads, and convert them into long-time clients with her 3-step Organic Facebook Marketing Methodology (plus a few bonus copywriting bonuses for you all!)

  • Event #18 | How to Sell on Social Media with Jo Pate, FDNP

    June 27 @ 11 AM PDT
    You don’t need a large audience to get sales on social media. You just need the right strategy! Jo will walk you through how to get people to like you, and actually buy from you, so you don’t waste time spinning your wheels.

  • Event #19 | Science Matters with Fluids IQ Founder Dr. Aron Gonshor + FDN Founder Reed Davis

    June 28 @ 8:30 AM PDT
    Learn about the latest studies... because science matters! Join Dr. Gonshor and Reed for a quick summary on a recent study that's relevant for all prospective and current FDNPs.

  • Event #20 | Q&A with FDN Founder Reed Davis

    June 29 @ 12 PM PDT
    Still have questions about FDN? Fear not. FDN Founder, Reed Davis, is here to provide refreshingly candid responses to all your questions. Show up with a pen and paper, and ask away. We want you to walk away with crystal clear answers.

  • Event #21 | Creating a Money Mindset with Sean Croxton, FDNP

    June 29 @ 1 PM PDT
    In the competitive health coaching landscape, some practitioners rise to the top, attracting their perfect clients at premium rates. Meanwhile, the rest struggle to stay in business by charging discount prices for their valuable services. In this presentation, Sean Croxton will reveal how what you believe about money, how you see yourself, and how you manage your emotions will decide whether you'll become a thriving coach or a barely surviving coach. 

  • Event #22 | The How To's of Building A Multi-6 Figure Health Coaching Brand on Social Media with Jenn Cino, FDNP

    June 30 @ 9 AM PDT
    This session will focus on 5 key steps that Jenn has taken over the last 2 years building her practice strictly online and through referrals. We will dive deep into social proofing, marketing, and enrollment strategies that you can start today to get your practice to a 6- or 7-figure per year pace WITHOUT feeling salesy.

That was A LOT of information,

so let’s review...

We’ve rounded up a group of ridiculously talented experts who will be sharing loads of health + business wisdom for anyone who wants to turn their holistic health passion into a profitable career.

And, to be clear…even if you’re completely confused about what to do with your career, or wondering if health coaching is correct for you, this event is for you!

Meet Your Expert Hosts

Reed Davis

Reed Davis

Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)
Reed Davis is the Founder of FDN & a functional health pioneer, having developed the FDN Methodology over 15 years ago, based on his careful analysis of thousands of lab results. Through FDN, Reed has now shared his methodology with over 4,000 practitioners worldwide

Sachin Patel

FDNP | Functional Medicine Practice Success Coach
Founder of the Living Proof Institute & Perfect Practice Mentorship, Sachin has taught thousands of functional medicine professionals how to build, grow, and scale successful practices, while avoiding burn-out and living the lifestyle they desire.

Evan Transue

FDNP | Host of the FDN Podcast, Speaker, & Course Enrollment Advisor

Outside of his work at FDN, Evan is Co-Founder of Bucks County Light Therapy and Functional Medicine Center, where he helps people improve their mood & energy levels using science-backed light therapy.

Jenn Malecha

Jenn Malecha

Health Business Boss & Consultant
Jenn Malecha, the Wholistic Health Boss, helps career-driven, results-focused functional health entrepreneurs make $10K or more per month quickly by finding their ideal clients with a start-to-finish approach for building, pricing, selling, and efficiently delivering their programs so they can scale their impacts and income.
Hailey Rowe

Hailey Rowe

Business Mentor for Health Coaches
Hailey Rowe is a Marketing & Sales Coach & Consultant & a Linkedin Lead Generation Service Provider. She helps Function Diagnostic Nutrition Coaches, Health Coaches, & Wellness Professionals develop their client attraction & marketing process, no brainer offers, & grow their income & impact. She shares her F.A.S.T. framework, marketing, and business tips on her Health Coach Nation Podcast and in her Marketing Hub Facebook Group (www.Facebook.com/Groups/ThemarketingHubGroup).

Jennifer Woodward

FDNP | Health Business Boss & Consultant, Director of FDN Business School, Content Creator and Speaker

Outside of her work with FDN, Jennifer runs a thriving functional health practice focused on helping women restore hormone balance & ditch painful periods.

Nicole Ritter

Nicole Ritter

FDNP | Holistic Nutritionist & Automation Expert

Nicole is a FDN graduate & holistic nutritionist with a thriving online practice aimed at helping parents get to the root of their children’s health issues using functional labs. Nicole also helps fellow entrepreneurs automate their wellness businesses so they can live with more freedom.

Brandy Buskow

FDNP | Chief Operations Officer of FDN
Brandy is an FDNP, Master EFT Practitioner, Board Certified Health Coach, and Certified Hypnotherapist. She focuses on helping women fix their mindset to achieve their optimal level of health
Elizabeth Gaines

Elizabeth Gaines

FDNP | FDN Course Supervisor
Elizabeth is a functional health expert with her own online practice, and serves as a Lead Instructor inside the FDN Certification program.

Jo Pate

FDNP | Social Media and Podcast Manager

Jo is an FDN Director, Functional Health Coach, and runs her own business helping female health coaches become successful entrepreneurs, without sacrificing their sanity.

Martha Lewis

Martha Lewis

FDNP | Founder and CEO of The Complete Sleep Solution

Martha Lewis is a sleep consultant to people who have tried everything and still can’t sleep. As a certified sleep expert and FDNP, she addresses both body and mind with stress resilience techniques and testing for hidden health issues to get to the root cause of her clients’ insomnia. She goes beyond the basic sleep advice you read about everywhere else and addresses what’s happening in the body that causes insomnia. She has been featured in numerous publications, such as Thrive Global and the Jackson Hole News & Guide, and various podcasts around the world and is also a passionate speaker on the topic of sleep.

Matt Terry

CSCS, Bio Sig 2, PN 2, CES, FDNP | Founder of Matt Terry Fitness
Matt Terry is a Presenter, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and full time practicing FDN in Overland Park, Kansas where he co-owns a Personal Training Studio. He has used his personal struggles with obesity, injuries, and disease to help his clients at new levels with customized solutions that get to the root of the issue. His mission is to provide people with the right education, support, and coaching to create sustainable solutions for optimal lasting health, energy and confidence.
Kimberly Boehm

Kimberly Boehm

DNOM, FDNP | Founder of Functional Health Group
Kimberly Boehm holds a Doctor of Naturopathic & Original Medicine (DNOM) and has been an FDN graduate/practitioner since August of 2021. Dr. Boehm is the founding practitioner of Functional Health Group in Richmond, VA and owner/lab director of Fastest Labs of N. Richmond. A member in good standing of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners since September 2021, Kim lives just north of Richmond with her husband Ed. They have 3 grown children, 5 granddaughters and a yellow lab named Woody.

Kristin Thomas

FDNP Founder of Health & Wellness Business School
Kristin Thomas, Founder of Health & Wellness Business School, is a top Marketing & Business Mentor to leading experts in the health and wellness field. She’s the catalyst to take her clients from “best kept secret” to “most sought after practitioner” by guiding them to effectively scale their time, uplevel their brand messaging, and unveil the biggest expression of their work. Her clients build a fulfilling legacy that leaves a lasting impact on the state of health.

Jenn Cino

FDNP | Certified Personal Trainer
Jenn Cino is an FDN-P and Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to helping women worldwide find the root cause of their gut and hormone issues. After working to overcome her own chronic digestive and hormonal symptoms & seeing her parents struggle with mold illness and autoimmunity, it became her mission to break away from traditional “healthcare” to find true healing in a root-cause approach. She has built a health practice as an FDN-P that generates over 7 figures per year, with a mission of helping other women find the power of healing from within and break generational patterns of disease.

Ben Azadi

FDNP | Founder of Keto Kamp & Best Selling Author
In 2008, Ben Azadi went through a personal health transformation, shedding 80 pounds of fat. Ever since, he’s been on a mission to help 1 billion people live a healthier lifestyle.

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Have a Question? Fire Away!

Q. Who is Summer Open House for?

Summer Open House is perfect for both aspiring and established health coaches who want to experience great success as a health coach, and figure out if FDN is the right fit.

Q. Why is FDN offering allll this for *free*?

We’re hosting this event in celebration of a HUGE limited-time sale we’re offering on the FDN certification course, which is happening very, very soon. You’ll get all the details about it inside Summer Open House! 😉

Q. Where can I watch the live events?

All 18+ events will be streamed on the FDN website and inside our private Facebook group.

Q. Will we receive lifetime access to the community & content?

Nope! When Summer Open House is over (on the last day of June) all of this content will go away with it. So, make sure to register, show up to the events, take notes, and soak up all of the juicy content!

Q. Will there be a replay if I can’t make an event?

There will be no replays available but you will have the opportunity to access replays via our Facebook group. If you join our private Facebook group, you *will* have access to the recordings for the entire month of June & July. You will have the opportunity to sign up for our VIP Facebook Group after you register.

Q. Are these the same events that were hosted at last year’s Summer Open House?

Not quite! There are a few events (out of the 18+) that are similar to what was offered last year. For example, you’ll get to be a fly on the wall inside FDN’s Trainee Study Hour and Detective Hour. But for the most part, these are brand new events!

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