Reed Davis, Founder of FDN

The most effective functional medicine program built and developed in a chiropractic office
Reed Davis
So, what does being the “Last Practitioner Your Patients Ever Want to See” mean to you?
It simply means that you now have a lifetime chiropractic patient who stays and refers and has made you and chiropractic an integral part of their life. 

What does it mean to that patient?

To the patient, it means they see you as their source for everything health. They believe that regardless of their health challenges or their health goals they trust you will be there to help them, and offer them the best health care possible
– the kind that gets results!
For most of you, the dream of having lifetime chiropractic patients may be just that, a dream…
Everyone talks about it, but let’s face it, very few if any of your patients are actual lifetime patients.
Sure, some of your patients stay longer than others, but everyone reading this knows they have more dead files in their office than active patients.
So, is it possible to develop lifetime chiropractic patients or is it just a concept everyone pays lip service to?
I’m here to tell you that not only is it possible to develop a practice full of lifetime chiropractic patients…
But it’s much simpler than you think and like getting on the New York Time’s Best Seller list, it simply takes a proven formula.

Because I created the formula!

And I call this making the invisible…visible!
Most if not all patients first come to your office in pain and the pain is visible because they are dealing with it every day. It is the motivation for them to keep coming in.
But, in most cases, once that pain goes away, everything you are telling them about chiropractic care fits into the category of invisible, and as a result, it is only a matter of time before they too go away.
What this means is…
When the desired result is invisible, it’s harder to keep your patients coming in long-term. When the desired result is visible, it’s easier to keep your patients coming in long-term.
And that’s exactly what the FDN Certification Program will teach you to do as a chiropractor.
We’ll show you how to make your patient’s desired result visible using functional lab testing which makes the entire process visible because your patients can now see the changes through every step of the process.
In the same way that reexaminations, if done properly, are designed to make your chiropractic care visible, functional lab work keeps patients on track which gets them amazing results they’ve never seen before…
…Leading to life-long chiropractic patients that refer you to all of their friends and family!
So if you want to turn your dream of having lifetime chiropractic patients into reality…

So what are your fellow Chiropractors saying about the FDN Program?

“I have participated in and designed several training courses, and I find the FDN course to be very impressive. I like that it’s broken into digestible segments and there is a lot of repetition of information for learning, which is great for retention. (I hear Dr Bob in my head when I tell people that!). While all that is good, what I really appreciate about the FDN program is it’s not just information to get through a course. It’s real information that is brought into perspective for better understanding and helping to heal yourself. I’m so excited to get into the practical portion because I work with clients every day on digestive health, and this curriculum is truly expanding my knowledge and how to do more to affect real health change for living with vitality.” 
Cathy Agasar, Chiropractor
“I am only 20% done with the required curriculum but I know this is going to be a huge game changer in our already successful Functional Medicine side of our practice and take it to another level. I can’t wait to finish the course and fully implement it and then share with you the success stories of our patients and our financial success in using Reed’s system.”  Dr. Brian Jones
Dr. Brian Jones, Chiropractor
“I realized very quickly this was something that I could do to integrate into my chiropractic practice. So now, five years later, this point in my career, I’ve been in practice 16 years and I’m actually practicing now.” 
Dr. Alan Nathans, Chiropractor, FDN-P

Master Functional Labs And Start Offering Your Patients The Lifetime Care They're Looking For

We are so confident you can learn how it works prior to any commitment.
What Does “Making the Invisible, Visible” Look Like In Action???
Functional labs can be a game-changer for your health and your practice…We are so confident in the exceptional quality and effectiveness of our program that we are prepared to demonstrate precisely how it works PRIOR to any commitment from you!
What Does “Making the Invisible, Visible” Look Like In Action???
Functional labs can be a game-changer for your health and your practice…We are so confident in the exceptional quality and effectiveness of our program that we are prepared to demonstrate precisely how it works PRIOR to any commitment from you!
Grab your front row seat for a 5 day workshop series (that you can watch on your own time and at your own pace), and see first hand an exclusive behind-the scenes look as FDN experts interpret 5 foundational functional labs. You’ll understand what it looks like for somebody to come to you with a certain set of symptoms, what their test results look like, how to give lifestyle recommendations, and how to actually get transformative results!

Lifetime Chiropractic Patients Are Within Reach

The best program for chiropractors to build lifetime patients & join an elite group of 4,000+ advanced practitioners who are delivering unparalleled patient results.

A “rinse & repeat” system that builds wealth beyond your four walls

The advanced skills to get Transformative results for any patient

referral-based business  that sells itself

Charge premium prices and earn more passive income

The FDN Certification Program

A world-class functional health certification program designed to help you master functional labs, create custom protocols & grow a chiropractic functional medicine practice.
Our program is uniquely positioned to fill in the gaps in your chiropractic education by giving you essential tools that aren’t offered in today’s leading certification programs.

6 Highlights That FDN Offers That Other Chiropractic Functional Medicine Programs Do Not


Functional Lab Training

Most chiropractic functional medicine programs do not teach you how to leverage functional labs, leaving you to guess what’s going on “under the hood”. Without this data, you don’t have a strong way to measure success, and patients often feel unmotivated. Learn which functional labs to run, how to analyze them, and how to put them together for a complete individualized patient picture. 

Personalized Protocols

Providing your patients with general diet & lifestyle protocols simply isn’t enough to transform lives. You need a rinse & repeat system that allows you to confidently adjust your recommendations based on each patient’s history, lab results & unique symptoms.

Functional Lab Framework

Functional lab analysis is the game-changer you need to go from guesswork to results with training on (5) foundational functional labs plus (1) assessment tool and access to the FDN Medical Director Program and Clinical Advisors. Plus, receive (4) functional lab testing kits & (1) Metabolic Typing® assessment, so you can become your first patient case study. 

Functional Lab Training

Mastering the science is one thing, but combining a brick-and-mortar business with an online business is another. Today’s leading functional medicine programs leave out the practical business skills needed to connect with your ideal patients & grow a thriving business.

Personalized 1:1 Mentorship

Personalized mentorship is a game-changer in functional medicine success. Receive nine (9) sessions, including (2) to review your individual lab results, (1) to review your personal Metabolic Typing® results, and (6) sessions with a program mentor to practice what you’ve learned in the modules. This is a fantastic way to build confidence before applying your new skills with patients.

Premium Graduate Support

Join a premier community of like-minded 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs. Stay up to date on the day-to-day changes of the health industry, get support on complex cases, receive practical advice from fellow health experts, and freely share your expertise and build connections. 


The program kicks off with an introduction to the FDN philosophy, followed by comprehensive training on (6) functional health screening tests. Once you’ve learned how to analyze test results, we teach you how to create custom protocols based on those results.
Module 1 | How to Be an FDN Health Detective
Learn the FDN Philosophy
Learn the FDN ropes! We’ll teach you how to integrate the FDN philosophy on health and wellness into your chiropractic practice, and how it differs from conventional medicine. We’ll also introduce the concept of Metabolic Chaos™, and how to use functional lab tests to identify healing opportunities within the body.
Module 2 | The FDN Stress & Hormone Profile (SHP)
Decode Stress & Hormones
Learn the fundamentals of stress & hormones. In this module, we’ll look at the Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal Axis & the significance of cortisol dysregulation. We’ll also introduce the “FDN Stress & Hormone Profile.”
Module 3 | H-P-A & Sex Hormone Assessment
Assess Sex Hormones
Learn how to assess sex hormones. In this module you’ll look at both male & female hormone cycles, common symptoms relating to deficiencies, and hormone excesses. We’ll also review how to test premenopausal females.
Module 4 | FDN MWP – Metabolic Wellness Profile: Digestion, Detoxification, Oxidative Stress
Leverage Metabolic Health
Learn how to assess metabolic health. In this module, you’ll learn the absolute importance of the liver, digestion, and natural detoxification. We’ll also introduce the “FLUIDS iQ Metabolic Wellness Profile” and review each marker.
Module 5 | Digestive Health
Evaluate Digestive Health
Learn how to evaluate digestive health. In this module, you’ll learn the physiology and significance of the mucosal barrier, and its role in digestive health. The “FLUIDS iQ Mucosal Barrier Assessment” & “Genova Intestinal Permeability” tests will be detailed with explanations of markers that provide clues into intestinal permeability.
Module 6 | Antigens & Pathogens
Understand Barriers to Digestive Health
Learn all about bugs! Learn what happens when the GI environment breaks down. We’ll cover how to test for bacteria, parasites & yeast using the “Diagnostic Solutions GI-MAP Stool” test. (hint, hint…bugs are not the underlying problem).
Module 7 | Food Sensitivities
Identify Food Sensitivities
Learn all about food sensitivity testing. In this module, you’ll learn how to use the “Great Plains IgG Fingerstick” & the “Oxford Biomedical Mediator Release” tests to screen your clients for potential food sensitivities. We’ll also cover guidelines for when to reintroduce sensitive foods, and when to retest your clients.
Module 8 | Metabolic Typing®
Learn Metabolic Typing®
Learn what foods to recommend! In this module, we explore how Metabolic Typing® helps you determine the proper diet for you + your clients. We also introduce the D.R.E.S.S. For Health Success™ framework, which helps you create custom healing protocols.
Module 9 | Diet
Create Custom Diet & Nutrition Protocols
Embrace the power of functional nutrition. In this module, you learn how to use functional nutrition to help eliminate Metabolic Chaos™ within the body. We dig into bio-individuality & how to create highly-customized protocols that accelerate the healing process.
Module 10 | Rest, Recovery & Sleep
Address Rest, Recovery & Sleep
Establish the importance of rest in addressing Metabolic Chaos™. In this module, we discuss the various cycles that occur within the body during deep sleep, how to educate your clients on proper sleep hygiene & how to track sleep cycles.
Module 11 | Exercise & Movement
Create Personalized Movement Programs
Learn to properly adjust intensity & frequency. Everyone needs movement, but not everyone benefits from high-intensity exercise while healing. In this module we’ll talk about how you can customize exercise & movement practices for each person.
Module 12 | Stress & Stress Reduction
Utilize Stress Reduction Strategies
Learn how to support healing with stress reduction. In this module, you’ll learn how to identify hidden stressors for you and your clients. And, how to incorporate stress reduction practices into your healing protocols.
Module 13 | Targeted Supplementation
Create Custom Supplement Plans
Get strategic with targeted Suplementation. Supplementation with professional-grade supplements is a game changer, when done properly. In this module, you’ll learn how to select the most effective supplements to restore optimal function (surprise, surprise: it’s based on lab results!).
Module 14 | Case Studies & Prep
Learn From Real-World Case Studies
Solidify your understanding with real world case studies. In this module, you’ll review some powerful real world examples & reflect on what you’ve learned so far: there is only one underlying problem…Metabolic Chaos™. You’ll also prepare for your personal lab results & recommendation sessions, which means you’ll get to be the patient soon!
Module 15 | Client Onboarding & Intake
Streamline Your Online Business
Prepare to serve patients. In this module you’ll prepare for the real world by reviewing onboarding procedures & intake processes. We’ll walk you through logistics & best practices to set you up for success.
Module 16 | Final Exams
Nail Your Final Exams
You’ve made it! This final module includes your “practical exercise assignments” to be performed with an FDN program mentor, giving you valuable practice before graduation. You’ll also find instructions on how to schedule your written & oral exams!

The FDN Certification Program

Ready to join your chiropractor peers?

FDN Program

Master the proven system to get better client results & become an advanced 6-figure health coach, with BIG impact.



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Exclusive “Pay-in-Full” Bonuses

When you choose to pay-in-full, you’ll receive $797 of FDN credits for future offerings to uplevel your knowledge & skills.
Bonus #1 | Educational Credit ($500 Value)
Get $500 in educational credits to apply when you invest in any advanced courses to hone your knowledge and improve skills as a practitioner. We offer a suite of courses on specialized topics, including herbalism, mitochondria, and thyroid function.
Bonus #2 | “Plug & Play” Lecture Credit ($297 Value)
Our lecture packages provide “plug & play” resources to help you deliver top-tier educational presentations & generate new clients. This means you can take our presentations and rebrand them for your own business! Choose from a wide selection of topics such as Stress & Hormones or ADHD, with something perfect for every need.