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Get exclusive access to over 30+ *LIVE* events that offer new insights into growing your high-earning, high-impact business as a Health Practitioner.

And, come behind the scenes at FDN this June and discover how to build a profitable, referral-based business!

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Gives You Access to…

30+ LIVE

Expert-Led Events

Join expert-led business training, FDN informational sessions, and Q&As everyday throughout the month of June. You’ll get exclusive access to private Instagram Lives and Zoom sessions, so you can pop into the events you want to attend anytime!

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes

Look at FDN

Be a fly on the wall inside the actual FDN Program with a deep-dive program tour and access to active student sessions including “Detective Hour” and “Trainee Study Hour” where students get regular access to Founder, Reed Davis & Course Supervisor, Elizabeth Gaines.

New Business

Access never-before-seen content based on proven strategies that are working in 2024 for leading online health businesses. 6-figure FDN graduates and outside business experts are spilling their “secrets” to attracting new clients, charging premium prices, and getting results.

FDN Student

Learn what it’s like to be a “trainee” inside the FDN Program, straight from the mouths of our students! Trainees will have open and honest conversations about their background, other programs they’ve taken, why they came to FDN, and their unfiltered thoughts around all of it. This is your opportunity to hear from real students, ask questions, and assess your potential future as an FDN Practitioner.

Lessons From 6-Figure

Gain golden nuggets of wisdom from top functional health coaches and practitioners in the industry who have reached (and surpassed) the 6-figure milestone in their business. They’ll share their stories, including never-before-seen advice, lessons learned, and what they would do if they were to start over.

Private Slack


Connect with a like-minded community of holistic health coaches and practitioners who are soaking up knowledge right alongside you. This is going to be a FUN space to meet others in your industry.

ALL of this for a
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FDN Summer Open House

Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition’s BIGGEST event of 2024 is here…

Summer Open House

A free, month-long event packed with expert business speakers, training, and an inside look at the FDN Program. This is a must-see event for aspiring and seasoned health coaches and practitioners who want to learn business and marketing strategies to propel their career to the next level.

Get an insider’s view of the FDN experience, with direct insights into what it looks like to be a student and graduate.

Receive expert training on how to market your health coaching business, including elevating your personal brand, pitching podcasts, and more.

Hear from 15+ FDN graduates who have reached the six-figure milestone. Steal their strategies, and discover how the FDN framework led to their success.

Learn from leading Practitioners + industry experts who have built thriving health practices from the ground up.

Receive candid insights from FDN graduates, so you can make an informed decision about your potential future with FDN.

Here’s a Taste of What’s Lined-Up for You

We’ve got sessions on everything from building and marketing your business to emerging functional health research.

Event #1 | Thought-Leadership with Martha Krejeci

Discover Martha Krejeci’s secrets to growing a multi-million dollar personal brand from nothing. She will explore different ways to skyrocket your growth online, from winning Instagram strategies to affiliate marketing.

Event #2 | The Evolution of Healthcare with Christa Orecchio

Christa is a seasoned clinical and holistic nutritionist who has worked in root-cause healthcare for 18 years – meaning she’s had a front-row seat to the changes this industry has experienced. Gain expert insights into where we’re headed and how you can ride the waves to achieve success.

Event #3 | Hot Topics with Elizabeth Gaines, FDNP

Sit in on a real live student training session inside the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) certification program, where Lead Instructor, Elizabeth Gaines, hosts her regular “Hot Topics” session, covering red hot functional health topics you don’t want to miss.

Event #4 | Winning Business Systems with Kathleen LeGrys

If there is one thing Kathleen Leygrys sees holding online health coaches and practitioners back from success, it’s their systems. Discover Kathleen’s secrets on how to create a scalable health coaching program from scratch.

Event #5 | Cultivating Essential Skills with Megan Blacksmith, FDNP

Megan Blacksmith is a holistic health coach, speaker, NLP Trainer and mindset ninja. She also trains other health coaches and practitioners with the tools for faster (inner) transformation to achieve success without fighting themselves along the way. Get ready to overhaul your mindset!

Event #6 | Believing in Yourself with Sean Croxton

When it comes to growing a successful online practice, what’s more important than your branding, copywriting, and sales skills? Believing in yourself. Dive deep with entrepreneur, podcaster, and founder Sean Croxton to transform your mindset and propel your growth.

Event #7 | Detective Hour: Be a Fly on the Wall Inside FDN’s Graduate Program

Experience first-hand what it’s like to be an FDN. Come be a fly on the wall inside Detective Hour, where you’ll watch our graduates interview a seasoned Clinical Advisor. This is the best event to see a full breakdown of lab interpretation on tougher cases. 

Event #8 | Personal Branding Power-Up with Molly Cahill, FDNP

Join us for an engaging session with Molly Cahill, FDNP, where she discusses the importance of personal branding, authority content, and social proof. Molly will explore innovative strategies for boosting engagement from ideal clients, crafting compelling messaging, and why she avoids cliché taglines like “helping women live their best life”.

Event #9 | Get a Live Course Tour with Brandy Buskow, FDNP

Hang out with our COO, Brandy Buskow, as she takes you behind-the-scenes of the FDN certification course! Learn what to expect inside the program, from what happens upon enrollment, to navigating the student portal, and so much more.

Event #10 | Podcast Influence with Victoria Bennion

Discover the benefits of a podcast interview strategy for health coaches with Victoria Bennion. Learn how to create an effective podcast one-sheet, craft pitches that land guest spots, and how to shine as a podcast guest. Victoria also covers strategies to maximize the impact of your podcast interviews for broader reach and influence.

Event #11 | Conversion Funnel Mastery with Nicole Ritter, FDNP

Nicole Ritter, FDNP, shares her insights on understanding and segmenting your audience to tailor your conversion funnel effectively. Walk through the different stages of a successful conversion funnel, with strategies for optimizing each to maximize conversions. Nicole will also discuss key metrics for measuring success.

Event #12 | Growing your Health Coaching Business with a Facebook Group  with Amber Sullivan, FDNP

Explore the power of niche selection with Amber Sullivan, FDNP. Learn how to choose a specific niche name for your group, engage freely on any topic within the group, and discover the optimal frequency and content for posts. Amber also shares strategies on how to grow your group effectively.

Event #13 | Future of Healthcare with Jeremy Malecha, Biocanic Founder

Jeremy Malecha discusses the evolution of healthcare and why consumer-driven approaches are the future. Learn about emerging trends in functional health and strategies to streamline and scale your practice to fit your desired lifestyle.

Event #14 | Copywriting Secrets with Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook, demonstrates how to apply effective copywriting techniques, like “open loops.” Learn the best formulas to leverage the psychology of curiosity in your copy, and how to craft compelling sales page headlines, webinar teasers, and freebies.

Event #15 | Simplify and Sell with Hailey Rowe

Simplify your marketing efforts with Hailey Rowe. Discover four specific ways to double your sales and learn Hailey’s “stand out formula” to attract clients and sell with confidence.

And this is just a taste of what’s coming!

Want access to all of this and SO much MORE?

Have a Question? Fire Away!

Q. Who is Summer Open House for?
A. Summer Open House is perfect for aspiring *and* established health coaches, nurses, chiropractors, and health practitioners looking to build a profitable and impactful online health business.
If you:
  • Want to learn strategies to take your health business to the next level
  • Have taken other health coaching programs before and haven’t seen results
  • Are curious about starting an online health coaching business
  • Are interested in joining FDN but have questions
…this event is for YOU!
Q. Where can I watch the live events?

All 30+ events will be streamed via Zoom and Instagram Live. You’ll receive the links and calendar when you sign up!

Q. Will there be replays?
NO! All events are LIVE and will not be recorded.
Q. Why is FDN offering so much for *free*?

If you’ve hung around our corner of the internet for a while, you know we don’t gate-keep information that’ll help other health coaches succeed! 

The reason we’re sharing all of this now, along with in-depth information about the FDN Program, is to celebrate our BIGGEST SALE of the year! We want you to have allll the information you need to make the best decision about whether or not FDN is the best move for your career.


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Consider this the PhD of health coaching programs.

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This has allowed us to grow a community of leading functional health experts who have created freedom-filled businesses doing what they love.
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This is your opportunity to take your health coaching career to the next level! We’re excited to dedicate the entire month of June to supporting your success as a holistic health expert.