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Health Business Growth Conference

Use Promo Code: HBGCVIP to SAVE $396!!

A Note from Reed....

FDN is an AMAZING community! 

I have spent the last couple of weeks promoting the Health Business Growth Conference that is happening NEXT week April 7-9! If you haven’t taken advantage of my special offer to secure your ticket for $1, then you still have time so go do it NOW!!

Once you have your ticket, then it’s time to show up! 

It’s your turn to jump in and make this year your best year ever. The theme is “Work Less, Earn More, Live Well”. If you only attend one event to help build your practice – make this it!

The conference kicks off April 7 and we can BLOW THEM AWAY with the number of dedicated FDNs and our community who want to build their businesses and change the world.

Be there at the start so we can show the host and other attendees how strong and professional we are. Besides all the amazing speakers and workshops, there will be hundreds of independent doctors and practitioners attending who may want to network with you so don’t miss out!

The hosts of Health Business Growth Conference (HBGC) are JJ Virgin and Karl Krummenacher from Mindshare Collaborative which we are a 7 year “Legacy” member.

The reason FDN is so successful is because of YOU and the great work you are doing – and now, with the help of Mindshare, you get to do be even more successful with what you’ll learn.

All you have to do is register and attend and use Promo Code HBGCVIP to get your $1 ticket!

If you haven’t registered yet, do it NOW!!

More importantly – please show up and make sure you put “FDN” after your name on the zoom call!

Use Promo Code: HBGCVIP to SAVE $396!!

What's Included in Your Ticket?