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Learn the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® data-driven investigative methodology for optimizing health challenges.

Conventional medicine is often not enough when dealing with chronic illness or just not feeling optimal. Clients are left to figure it out on their own and often get stuck in a cycle of trial and error to optimize their health.

FDN will teach you to cut through the noise by training practitioners a specific methodology that they can use in their practices to help clients get to the root cause of their health problems instead of just treating the symptoms.

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"Applying FDN has help me be 10 years skin cancer free, manage Hashimotos naturally and successfully recover from mold illness. Being an FDN Practitioner allows me to help others around the world also find the missing pieces of their health puzzle so they can get back to feeling like themselves again."
Jenn Malecha
Jenn Malecha
San Diego, CA

why become an functional diagnostic nutrition practitoner?

stop chasing symptoms

Discover hidden stressors within the body using our proven methodology to identify healing opportunities to help people eliminate unwanted symptoms.

stop chasing symptoms
online health coach

Comprehensive Functional Health Education

Using our cutting-edge lab interpretation you will have the ability to look at the multiple contributing factors leading to your clients symptoms and identify unique healing opportunities.

help people get well & build your career

FDN gives students the functional lab training, data-driven protocols AND access to functional lab testing to confidently solve clients’ health issues and grow a thriving referral-based business globally.

career as health coach

Become an FDN-Certified Health Coach and help people build health

result based health coach

Focused on Results

Make an impact and help people live better lives by interpreting functional lab tests and creating personalized life.

increase income health coach

Increase Your Income

Discover how you can help people on a deeper level, boost your results and grow your business at the same time.

become known health coach

Establish Creditibility

The most trusted and well-known brand in the functional health industry. Founded 20 years ago, FDN is a leader in training professionals to work with people on their whole health needs through various methods.

support health practitioner

Supporting Your Success

Be a part of over 3,000 FDN trainees and graduates in over 50 different countries. Upon graduation, join the AFDNP Alumni Group and stay up to date on the newest concepts of functional medicine, ongoing knowledge, income growth opportunities and community!

expert led health coaching

Expert Guided

Sign up for our 14-module, fully online and self-paced training program to beef up your resume with informative videos. You will also get 1:1 mentorship from experts to teach you the ins and outs of finding a new career in no time!

lab interpretation

Lab Test Analysis & Interpretation

Learn how to interpret functional lab tests, how to use the data to drive holistic lifestyle recommendations, and get access to lab tests for you and your clients.

Help people eliminate symptoms by taking a whole approach & Become the expert people trust.

Enroll now and become the go-to Health Coach in your field.

An In-Depth Look at Our 150-Hour Program


fdn student access


fdn student access


FDN Graduates


Access the virtual tour and get the inside scoop on what you can expect with the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Course today!

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Access the virtual tour and get the inside scoop on what you can expect with the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Course today!


find the answers

Find The Answers

How to stop chasing symptoms and identify underlying opportunities for healing.

cutting edge lab interpretation

Cutting Edge

The best lab tests to uncover dysfunctions at the root of most health complaints.

client based health results

Client Based

Lab analysis and clinical correlation on an individual basis with the client.

lab interpretation health

Lab Interpretation

Ways to deliver test results to clients that makes it easy for them to understand.

proven health coach methodology

Proven Methodology

Holistic, drugless protocols that are safe, powerful, and proven to work.

health result orientated

Result Orientated

How to make big gains in tough cases and chronic stress-related disorders.

build your own health practice

Start Your Practice

An easy to duplicate business model you can integrate into your existing practice, or use to confidently start your new FDN practice from scratch.


"As an FDN practitioner’s client, I saw how quickly the approach helped me get to the root of my health issue despite doctors saying there wasn’t one. Have being a client, I knew I had to take my IIN education to the next level and become a FDN to help others like me."
Kristin Thomas
kristen thomas
Boston, MA


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is an accredited training program and FDN graduates are eligible to sit for several board exams:


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is an accredited training program and FDN graduates are eligible to sit for several board exams:

These organizations are dedicated to promoting an enhanced professional image and prestige among health coaches and practitioners of traditional and non-traditional therapies and methodologies. Board Certification is a voluntary designation that demonstrates one’s professional competence and dedication. It validates the qualifications of a professional in a respective field of study.



The Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Course  is currently pre-approved for CEU’s by the following organizations:

  • Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA)
  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP)
  • Chek Institute

Don’t see your program or organization listed?

Additional professional organizations and certification programs may also accept the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® course. Enquire with your professional organization or certification program to confirm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The FDN Certification course is self-paced and trainees are granted up to one year to complete all course requirements to graduate.   A reasonable time frame to get through the course is about 6-8 months. Therefore, a one-year time limit gives trainees plenty of time to complete their FDN certification. It is up to the trainee and what works with their schedule.  The curriculum provided with the course serves as an outline to complete the course within 6-8 months.  We’re here to help you succeed!

No. The FDN Course has no pre-requisites and is open to anyone looking to expand upon their current credentials, change careers and work on their own personal health.

Yes, we have many successful FDN Practitioners in England and Scotland, and also in Canada and Australia. We are in over 41 countries and adding more all the time.

Yes, unlicensed practitioners may access lab testing via our Medical Director Program (MDP). What is the FDN Medical Director Program (MDP)?
The Medical Director Program is a full-service lab-testing and clinical support program created so that unlicensed FDN Practitioners can practice FDN and access lab testing/screenings for themselves and their clients.

If you are an unlicensed provider working under our Lab Resource Agreement, we reserve the right to suspend lab privileges if you abandon the lessons and are making no progress.

If you are an unlicensed provider working under our Lab Resource Agreement, we reserve the right to suspend lab privileges if you abandon the lessons and are making no progress.

You will receive 5 functional lab screenings as part of your tuition.  There is no cost to you. Personal test results sessions are also included and are considered an important part of becoming a certified FDN.

  1. Salivary Stress and Hormones Panel (checks cortisol, sex hormones, and melatonin)
  2. Dry Urine Metabolic Wellness Profile (assesses digestion/absorption, oxidative stress, and detoxification)
  3. Dry Blood Mucosal Barrier Assessment (assesses gut function)
  4. Pathogen Screening via Stool (screens for gut pathogens)
  5. Metabolic Typing Online assessment available mid-course

Your personal lab screening kits will be shipped to you after you have completed Module 1.



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