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Guide people along their healing journey to transform their health + happiness

If we haven't met...Hello!!

We’re Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)

We are a team of functional health pioneers, teachers & wellness advocates dedicated to educating and inspiring better health across the world.

It all started over 20 years ago, with FDN Founder, Reed Davis.

While working in the clinic, Reed watched as patients bounced from practitioner to practitioner, only to be told “everything looks normal” or to be convinced of yet another unsuccessful supplement protocol, fitness program, or healing modality.

Reed refused to be just another practitioner in this endless cycle. So he committed to being the last person his clients saw on their quest for answers & better health.

Over years of observation, he developed a proven framework to restore function in the body, no matter what health symptoms or diagnosis a person is struggling with.

That’s how the FDN Certification Course was born!

Today, we’ve trained 4,000+ FDN Health Detectives in 50+ countries across the world on how to apply this framework to themselves and others.

Think you might want to join us?

All of this is at your fingertips.

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Just ask the health coaches in our community…

I had debilitating health problems

Extensive Health Investigation for My Clients

Practitioner in Training

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

But first, let’s take a step back.

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  • Lesson 1 | FDN Model & Philosophy

    We’re All Health Coaches
    Not a Medical Approach
    Unprecedented Chronic Health Problems
    Opt-in Model of Self-Care
    Cycle of Trial and Error
    FDN Filling the Needs Gap
    Instead of Chasing Symptoms

  • Lesson 2 | Next Level Health Coaches

    People Want to Know 3 things
    We can say Yes! Here’s How We Work
    Holistic Grounding Program
    Transformational Process
    Anyone Can Run Labs
    We Don’t Treat the Test Results
    Next Level Health Coaches

  • Lesson 3 | How Chronic Stress Leads to Metabolic Chaos®

    Who is in the FDN Family?
    What Binds Us Together
    Stress is #1 Cause
    Is All Stress Bad?
    Brain/Body Diagram
    Internal/External Types of Stress
    The Chronic Stress Cascade
    Symptoms Far Removed from Real Problem

  • Lesson 4 | Example of Metabolic Chaos and Thyroid Primer

    Thyroid Client?
    Thyroid Physiology
    Thyroid Biochemistry and Metabolic Pathways
    Old Paradigm: Hypothyroid
    New Paradigm: Metabolic Chaos®
    Our One Concern

  • Lesson 5 | The Truth About "Adrenal Fatigue" & HPA Axis Primer

    Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry
    Chronic Stress Response
    Why Not Treat the Disease?
    An “Adrenal Fatigue” Client?
    HPA Axis in a Nutshell
    Limbic System
    Autonomic Nervous System
    HPA Axis Anatomy
    Old and New Paradigm

  • Lesson 6 | Steroidal/Sex Hormones & Complaints

    Testing Steroidal Sex Hormones
    Signs & Symptoms of Hormone Imbalances
    Testing Steroidal Sex Hormones
    Melatonin in the Gut
    Secretory IgA

  • Lesson 7 | Reference Ranges and Lab Test Results

    FDN SHP Non-Medical Analysis
    Case Reviews and Interpretations FDN SHP – HPA Profiles
    HIDDEN Stressors and Risk Factors
    How to Handle Chronic Stress-related Cases

  • Lesson 8 | Assessing Oxidative Stress in Metabolic Chaos®

    Measuring Oxidative Stress
    Cellular Damage Markers
    8-OHdG Sample Report
    Lipid Peroxidation
    Elevated Oxidative Stress guide

  • Lesson 9 | Intestinal Mucosal Barrier Primer in Metabolic Chaos®

    Location of Mucous Membranes
    Intestinal Mucosal Barrier
    Gut Structure
    Lamina Propria, Submucosa
    Colon Health
    GI Diseases in SIgA

You’ll walk away from this free training with a clear understanding of what FDN is all
about, how we approach health & what you can expect to learn inside the course.

Why Are We Giving This Away for FREE?

The FDN certification course is a large investment of your time, money, and energy. We want
you to know exactly what you’re investing in when you click that “enroll now” button.

Plus, we feel confident you’ll love it!

FDN is More Than a Holistic Health Coach Certification

FDN is…






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