Affiliate Dashboard Tour

Here’s what you will see when you log in to the affiliate center. The left hand side of the dashboard contains marketing materials, analytics, and more links for you to share. The right side of the screen allows you to quickly access your unique referral link. 

You can also create a unique branded affiliate code to share with your audience or referrals. For example, you can update your code to your business name. This will allow you to easily track and manage your leads and referrals. 

If you choose not to enter the code, no worries. Your unique referral link will still track your referrals for 90 days. 

Affiliate Link Sharing

Affiliates can access their unique referral link below the welcome message in the dashboard. 

They can also share their link with a single click by clicking the social share button for Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Tracking Progress and Payments

Affiliates can view their traffic, sales, and payment numbers in real-time by logging into their dashboard. Basic stats are available on the affiliate homepage.

And further details on the Analytics tab.

Additional Promotional Materials

Promotional materials for websites – such as banner ads – are located under the Marketing Materials tab within the Affiliate Dashboard. The HTML for each banner already contains their affiliate link, so they can simply copy/paste the HTML directly into their website site. 

Create Custom Links

SubIDs are custom affiliate links that can point anywhere on your website. For example your default affiliate link probably points to your homepage, or a set landing page. SubIDs let you create different versions of your link to point directly to any page on the site you’re promoting.

Simply enter in a name and paste in your link. Then click “create link” to generate your tracking link. 

Additional Affiliate Links

We also created specific pages for marketing or advertising campaigns that you can promote. Find the page that you’d like to promote and click “copy link” to paste into your marketing materials. 

Adding Leads

Never miss a referral, by adding them into your system as a “Lead”. If your referral purchases anytime in the future, your lead will be automatically assigned to you, even if they don’t use your referral link. 

Update Your Info

If you’d like to update your email, password, or PayPal account info, click the drop down menu in the right hand corner to make any changes to your account. 


For additional questions or help, please contact us at [email protected]

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