How Chasing Symptoms Keeps You from Being Healthy


Most people with chronic health complaints spend years…even decades chasing symptoms. They visit several doctors who prescribe drugs to help their symptoms. They may even see alternative health practitioners who use different tools to help manage their symptoms. And they end up frustrated, desperate for relief and looking for answers.

When our coaches talk to these people, they discover just how many of them regularly take more than one prescription or over-the-counter drug. And yet these people still struggle with symptoms that won’t go away or that get worse! And many have drawers or cupboards filled with supplements that just didn’t work for them. Sound familiar?

Where modern medicine falls short

Modern medicine promotes the idea of treating the symptoms of chronic illness as the standard of care. But the number of people suffering from the symptoms of chronic illness continues to grow. If the current standard of care worked, then shouldn’t more people be getting better?

Uncovering solutions

Running after symptoms and managing them individually with drugs or supplements may provide temporary relief. But the symptoms are a sign that there is a deeper issue within the body. And handling individual symptoms allows that hidden problem to continue and get worse. It never gets to the root of why the symptom is happening in the first place.

Let’s say you regularly take an over-the-counter drug for headaches. You get headaches several times a week. But if you can just take a pill to get rid of the headache, then no big deal, right? But what if the headaches result from food sensitivities, a common cause of headache pain? If you continue to eat these foods, it will cause chronic inflammation in your body. Eventually, it will damage your digestive system causing even worse symptoms. By dealing only with the symptom, you never address why the headaches were even happening. This allowed the problem to continue to get worse, leaving you open to it becoming a chronic illness requiring even more medications or supplements to treat.

Good health takes work

Most people chase symptoms because it seems easy. But over time, they start having new symptoms, take more medication, start feeling worse, and begin to wish for a better way. A better way does exist! But it calls for a commitment to learn more and work towards healing.

Many people continue to believe that they can rely on their doctors to keep them healthy. But it’s unlikely that a typical doctor will help them get to the root of their health problems if they are only treating symptoms. This means that it is your responsibility to educate yourself about good health or find a prevention-oriented practitioner that will.

Being too busy

Today’s busy lifestyles don’t help either. Our ancestors had a much easier time being healthy because they were connected to nature. They ate all whole, fresh foods each day. These foods were rich in important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that the body needs. Our ancestors were also active each day. They got to exercise regularly and got plenty of rest. They often rose with the sunrise and went to sleep when the sun had set.

However, in the fast-paced, technological world, irresistible, unhealthy temptations surround us. We eat harmful “fake” foods because they taste good. We get little rest because artificial light allows us to lengthen the day. And we face an excess of stress with everything modern technology allows us to pack into a single day. And that doesn’t even include the thousands of toxic chemicals we’re exposed to every day.

The road to good health

Good health goes far beyond passing a yearly physical exam. It’s a state in which the body functions optimally and without discomfort. Very few people today live in a state of good health. But the body has an amazing ability to fix itself. It knows exactly how to keep itself functioning optimally. Sometimes, however, people need a little help to support the body’s natural healing ability.

Working with an FDNThrive health detective, you finally have a chance to stop chasing symptoms and start healing. Working toward normal body function allows you to feel better as your symptoms go away. It’s a permanent solution that stops bad health in its tracks.

But you need the right tools to look beneath the surface and spot the places that are out of whack. Having the ability to run labs with your coach and understand the results is the best tool you can have! It is the tool that allows you to look deeper.

Once your practitioner spots areas that need some extra care, you can focus on making the lifestyle changes that will promote healing in that area. This type of targeted care will give your body the tools that it needs to heal itself. As it begins to heal, symptoms will go away…and you will feel better.

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